We heard that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a metal barrel – guess what Fox Nation found

Jimmy Hoffa could be trapped in a metal barrel grave in New Jersey.

Fox Nation has found what appear to be several large buried pieces of curved metal, which may indicate steel drums placed on top of each other, which fit the description of where Hoffa was buried in a 55-gallon steel drum, with additional drums stacked on top of his, 1975.

“He could not fit into the drum body first, his feet first. They had to turn him over and put him in his head first,” Frank Cappola told Fox Nation, describing how he says his father, Paul Cappola Sr., drove the remains of the iconic foreman in a steel drum when the body was delivered to him at his mob-affiliated Jersey City dump days after Hoffa disappeared just outside Detroit.

“He could not get his legs to bend properly,” he said. “Do not take this the wrong way, because he had a lot of respect for Hoffa, but he said” they could not fit the fat little man in a thin feet at first. “So they put him in the head and then they pressed over the lid on top of him. And then they buried him.”


Cappola said his father then dug a 12-foot-deep hole with an excavator, dumped the drum that held Hoffa’s remains in the pit and then stacked more than a dozen 55-pound steel drums on top of Hoffa’s before filling the hole with dirt to hide the evidence. He said he was “99 points-99-points-99 percent sure” and “would bet my life” that Hoffa was there.

Fox Nation also found an underground pit that was once filled with various dirt at the site.

The discovery of the buried curved pieces of metal and the filled pit where Cappola said that Hoffa’s remains can be found is revealed in Fox Nation’s latest episode of “Riddle, the Search for James R. Hoffa.”

The show is a four-part series which is deepened in the disappearance of the former International Brotherhood of Teamsters president, with the goal of finally trying to resolve the matter. Hoffa was assassinated after he disappeared on July 30, 1975 while on his way to a suspicious meeting with mafia bosses, including the infamous New Jersey Genovese criminal family Capo and Teamsters Union leader Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, who ruled the area where Cappola told us Hoffa is buried.

Fox Nation hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, a nationwide company that uses radar technology and high-frequency electromagnetic radio waves that reflect objects underground, to search for evidence of buried barrels. The radar revealed many curved shapes, like crescent objects on top of each other, which GPRS project manager and specialized radar technician Steve Psihoules told us are pieces of metal, along with a demarcated underground dirt, indicating that a pit had at one time been dug and then filled.

What Psihoules called metal “round anomalies” were described as similar to the size of large drums.

“We get a new round deviation here,” Psihoules said as he scanned the ground and the radar screen revealed many round objects at the spot where Frank had pointed out as Hoffa’s graveyard.


“We get them all at the same height as well. I get similar deviations,” Psihoules said as he scanned the area using a grid pattern. “You could say something was wrong here,” Psihoules explained as he stopped at one of his discoveries. “It’s almost like excavated … something happened here. It’s definitely metal.”

The site is a dusty and hard ground plot in Jersey City directly below the threatening Pulaski Skyway, which connects the city to Newark across the Meadowlands. The package is owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and is now used by a local waste management company to store unused dumpers.

“Frank’s story is the best Darn story I’re heard of in this case in the 44 years since I first started investigating Hoffa’s murder,” said Dan Moldea, the country’s most prominent Hoffa expert. He wrote the landmark book “The Hoffa Wars” in 1978, has been researching the Hoffa disappearance for decades and was interviewed by Fox Nation and then collaborated on our efforts.

“I think what Eric and I are now proving is that from soup to nuts, this was a New Jersey operation,” he said.

Frank first approached Dan after appearing in the first two episode of “Riddle” told him where the site was and then later followed Dan there to see it for himself. Frank also made a sworn statement backing up his information to hand over to law enforcement.

“He takes me to the exact place. He knew exactly where it was,” Moldea recalls.

Frank Cappola shows Dan Moldea where he says that his father buried Jimmy Hoffa.  He describes how Hoffa was buried in the latest episode of "Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa" on Fox Nation.

Frank Cappola shows Dan Moldea where he says that his father buried Jimmy Hoffa. He describes how Hoffa was buried in the latest episode of “Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa” on Fox Nation.
(Copyright Dan E. Moldea, 2019. All rights reserved.)

The site is just meters from the landfill, PJP Deponi, which Frank’s father owned with Genovese Crime Family mobster Phil “Brother” Moscato. Moscatos son, Philip, Jr. told Fox Nation that his father also admitted that Hoffa’s body was taken to New Jersey from Detroit and buried.

The FBI has long theorized that Hoffa’s assassins buried him in the landfill, which at the time was a desert of 87 acres of waste, chemicals and thousands of barrels full of toxic waste known as “Moscato’s dump”. An agency search in 1975 showed no remains, but many mobsters have over the years been convinced that Hoffa was dumped there. FBI files reveal that various Mafia members either said that Hoffa could be found there or suspected it.

One gangster told agents they “brought him back here … where do you think? Phillip’s brother Moscato’s dumping,” said another “they put Huffa’s body in a 50 – liter drum and transported it from … Detroit … to New Jersey, “said another, saying that if the Feds were to dig in the dump, they would hit” pay dirt, “and even some unnamed Teamsters were” worried about the barrel. “

In the 1980s, dumping was declared a federal superfund site and the state and the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection cleared and remedied the area. The EPA says it removed more than 10,000 barrels containing toxic waste, but the site where Frank says his father buried Hoffa does not appear to have been affected by the decontamination. Frank’s father did not want Hoffa’s remains to be found at his dump, so Frank said he buried him right next to his property, directly under the threatening elevated skyway, which was not part of the government’s cleanup plan.

“My father decided to change places because he felt he could not, he did not know if anyone was watching. The place was always under surveillance,” Frank told us. “After I came in the next day, the hole was filled.”

Frank said he decided to come forward because so many of the suspects involved are now dead. He also promised his father, who died in 2008, that he would not speak, even though he says that his father’s role in burying Hoffa always “haunted him”. He said his father’s bullying acquaintances gave him no choice and that he was “very upset all his life, that he had to be put in that position. But you know, if you do not, they do it because you . ”

“I think I’m doing the right thing,” Frank said. “My father said” I want this man to go home to his family. He has to go home. “He was a great, good man and my father respected him.”

Frank, who was 63 when we met him at the end of 2019, had been ill for some time with heart and lung problems. He was worried that if he did not agree to be interviewed, his secret would die with him.

“If I passed away, no one will know. I’m the last person alive.”

Unfortunately, Frank died four months after our interview, in February last year. Frank Cappola’s information may turn out to be his legacy that may finally help solve the search for James Riddle Hoffa.

Since it is against New Jersey State Law for Fox Nation to dig up the site, we are awaiting law enforcement action to take the next step to determine if what we found could finally unravel the mystery of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

Follow Eric Shawn on Twitter: @EricShawnTV. See all four sections of “Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa” on Fox Nation.


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