Video shows pipe bombs found near the Capitol were placed the night before

The FBI said its agents “use all the tools in our toolbox” and have interviewed more than 1,000 residents and businesses in the area where the devices were found. On Friday morning, the FBI released additional information confirming Posten’s report on the timing of the bombings and raised the reward to $ 100,000.

The Post spoke with residents, property managers and business owners to get exclusive video of the suspect in the moments before the individual allegedly placed the bomb in an alley behind the Republican National Committee, a block from the Capitol foundations.

On January 5, at 8:13 p.m., a security camera captured the suspect with a backpack, according to a resident who reviewed the film and left a copy with the FBI. The suspect went east on C Street SE and walked toward an entrance to an alley that bent toward the Republican National Committee building. The post office did not receive that film but confirmed the homeowner’s account with a law enforcement official who was familiar with the investigation.

Seconds later, in a video obtained by The Post, the suspect can be seen in the alley, known as Rumsey Court. The individual is wearing a light-colored sweater and wearing a backpack near the waist, matching photographs that have been released by the FBI and go west past a row of homes. The suspect is believed to be walking towards the area behind the Republican National Committee building and the Capitol Hill Club to place the explosive device, according to the official familiar with the investigation, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive issues.

At 20:13, a security camera captures the suspect in Rumsey Court in a light shirt. (Obtained by The Washington Post)

Another video shows the suspect carrying a backpack near his waist as they approach the area where the bomb was discovered on January 6. They seem to be wearing a mask and gloves. According to law enforcement officials, this is the last known sighting of the suspect before the bomb was placed.

This video, taken at 20.15, is the last known observation of the suspect before the bomb is placed. (Obtained by The Washington Post)

When federal officials asked the public for information about the suspect, they circulated still images from this video. For unknown reasons, the suspect did not leave the area immediately. Another video obtained by The Post shows that the suspect goes back to Rumsey Court at 20:16 and again goes west towards the RNC building. The individual moves at a rapid pace and still carries a backpack near the waist.

The suspect does not leave the area immediately, but goes west towards the RNC building. (Obtained by The Washington Post)

A minute later, the suspect is seen walking east on Rumsey Court – away from the area where the pipe bomb was discovered. They carry the backpack on their backs.

At 20:17, the suspect is seen walking away from the area where the pipe bomb was discovered near RNC. (Obtained by The Washington Post)

The same person is suspected of having placed the bomb near the building of the Democratic National Committee, according to the FBI. It is not clear which bomb was placed first. On Friday, the FBI released a picture of one of the units. The agency described the suspect wearing Nike Air Max Speed ​​Turf shoes in yellow, black and gray and said that the person is believed to have placed both bombs between kl. 19.30 and 20.30 on 5 January.

Barry Black, a retired FBI specialist bomb technician, said images on the devices suggested they were simple and that the visible components were common and easy to find. Black said the devices appeared to contain mechanical timers as switches and said he saw no indication in the pictures of any other trigger mechanism.

Black said the individual could have tried to kill or injure, or that they could have simply “sent a message” by targeting the country’s two largest political parties. Steven Sund, who resigned as head of the Capitol Police in the wake of the riot, has said that he suspects that the bombs were a deliberate attempt to pull officers away from the Capitol’s grounds.

The bomb behind the RNC was discovered on January 6 around 12:45, about 90 minutes before rioters entered the Capitol. Resident Karlin Younger was about to wash when she saw something unusual on the ground between a trash can and a rat trap. Younger said in an interview that she bent down to inspect the unit, which was attached to what appeared to be a kitchen timer. The timer was set to 20 minutes, she said. She heard no ticking and could not see if the timer was active. She alerted a nearby security guard, who she said inspected the unit and then announced law enforcement.

The device was considered “live”, meaning it contained viable explosive material, according to Steven Blando, a spokesman for the Washington Field Division at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. It disarmed the place, Blando told The Post.

Around 13:15, officials have said that the second bomb was discovered several blocks away next to a bench outside the DNC. It was also live and disarmed on site, Blando said.

Peter Hermann, Elyse Samuels and Matt Viser contributed to this report.

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