United Airlines Flight 328: The doorbell’s camera captures falling beam remnants

Shocking doorbell camera footage captured a piece of United Airlines’ battle Flt. 328 melts on a suburban Colorado street.

Mark Moskovics’ Nest camera captured the debris from the Boeing 777-200 that hits the road just a few meters from a parked car – crashes so hard that it bounced a few meters into the air before stopping.

Seconds later, an even stronger crash appeared to signal the landing of an object that fell just to the left of the doorbell’s camera. The film was shared with CBS Denver reporter Conor McCue.


Thank goodness the street in Broomfield, another suburb Denver, was otherwise quiet and empty – no damage reported despite falling debris making the neighborhood sound like it was in a “war zone”, according to one of Moskovic’s neighbors, Lonnie Kermoade.

“It could have been really tragic,” Kermoade told CBS Denver of debris, some of which also fell in their garden. “Fortunately, God looked after everyone.”

An unidentified neighbor shared photos of a large hole in his roof each debris crashed when he made his family sandwiches.

Some debris also crashed into a park full of at least six football teams training and sent them running to cover, in the Denver Post.

“Honestly … I thought we were bombed,” one of the team’s coaches, Heather Solar, told the newspaper about a large piece of debris falling within 10 feet of where she was standing in Commons Park.

“There was so much rubbish in the sky,” she said.

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Broomfield Police tweeted that it was “beyond grateful” that there were no injuries there, “given the number of people who are at Commons Park on a holiday.”

The National Transportation Safety Board said it is investigating the fiery engine failure but had not yet speculated as to what may have been the cause.

It was no reports of damage on board the jet.

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