This is how Hyperloop Passenger Travel will be according to Virgin

Virgin Hyperloop has demonstrated its vision for the comfort and convenience it says will come with traveling in its super-speed capsules.

Virgin has shared his vision for the comforts and conveniences of traveling in one of his Hyperloop skis in super speed with vacuum technology. A video highlighting the amenities that the service is likely to offer will give future passengers a glimpse of how Hyperloop travel can be a better alternative to trains and airplanes. Virgin’s Hyperloop is one of a number of Hyperloop projects under development and has continued to show its potential during its years of development, with plans for expansion throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

For those wondering what sets Virgin’s Hyperloop apart from conventional transportation, its capsules are said to be able to reach speeds of up to 670 mph, which is three times faster than a ball bearing. This translates to travel time that is shorter than most commercial transportation options currently available, including aircraft. With Virgin has successfully completed its first Hyperloop passenger test recently, it is now ready to show future passengers what the experience of its Hyperloop journey will be like.

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Virgin’s commercial gave one sneak of how one expects a typical Hyperloop trip to feel, which seems to resemble more of a first-class cabin experience than an average train journey. Unlike in the first Hyperloop test, where the bellows’ passengers are cracked like professional drivers in racing seats, the presentation shows a more relaxed lounge where passengers can relax and move freely. Cabinets are equipped with cup holders and wireless charging stations, along with greenery for a more natural, less metallic aesthetic. Many LED messages showing information about speed, estimated time of arrival, status updates and itineraries are visible throughout the vehicle. The bellows also has a simulated skylight roof that is designed to help passengers feel less conscientious by mimicking outdoor conditions.

Benefits of Virgin Hyperloop Travel

The vision for Hyperloop Travel, originally conceived by a joint Tesla and SpaceX team, seems unlike any other travel experience in the sense that it will give a feeling similar to air travel while having the benefits of being on land. A trip from Los Angeles to New York City probably takes just under four and a half hours, something like over seven hours on a flight and almost a day by train. Commuters could travel much further and because of the technology involved in an obviously very agile and stable environment.

Unlike commercial trains, Virgin claims that its Hyperloop will not need departure times, nor will it need to stop at each station, as booking a trip can in principle be made on request. If Virgin Hyperloop’s sustainability standards and safety protocols really hold true, commuting at record speeds in a futuristic metallic pod can only be the direction the transportation industry is heading.

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Source: Virgin Hyperloop

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