The “Cookie Monster” gemstone present in shocks in Brazil goes viral

“C” is simply too loopy.

One agate gems revealed in Brazil has gone viral for its putting resemblance to the Cookie Monster of “Sesame Road” fame.

A California geologist says he has acquired a number of $ 10,000 presents for the uncommon rock, not too long ago found in Rio Grande do Sul, New York Submit experiences. Proprietor Mike Bowers mentioned he has been inundated with curiosity after exhibiting off the volcanic rock on Fb earlier this month, because the inside blue-quartz crystals and the smile-invalid look appear like the hungry monster.

The agate was discovered from the Rio Grande do Sul area in Brazil by gemologist Lucas Fassari in November 2020.
(Kennedy Information Media)


“I didn’t understand that Cookie Monster was so well-known and a part of the world’s cultural heritage!” In Bowers Dwell Science. “It’s considerably uncommon to discover a face form in agates,” he defined, including that the gemstone continues to be uncommon as a result of the face is a mirror picture on each side of the sliced ​​stone.

In keeping with the outlet, agates, a kind of quartz, are fashioned in cavities in volcanic rocks. Their colours come from chemical contaminants in silica and the way crystals are separated.

The collector acquired the agate from a Brazilian gemologist, Lucas Fassari, in November, who picked it up in Soledade, a hotspot for gems.

Regardless of engaging presents, Bowers mentioned he plans to hold on to the outstanding cliff for now.


“It is fully distinctive and wonderful to see everybody love this stone as a lot as we do,” he mentioned.

The gem went viral when Jacqueline Antonovich, professor and historian at Muhlenberg School, posted a photograph on Twitter over the weekend in a submit that has gone viral with over half one million likes. Shortly after, the blue beast additionally chimed in.

“I am not a geologist, however I feel dat rock appears to be like like me …” Cookie Monster admitted.

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