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Scott Sparks was named Forbes’ Best Wealth Advisor in 2021

DENVERFebruary 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Sparks Financial, a Denver-based asset management company associated with Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group, announced today Founder and CEO Scott Sparks has been named by Forbes as one of the top 2021 state welfare management advisors. "Sparks Financial is a shining example of our exceptional advisory team providing unparalleled service to help clients realize their financial goals and dreams through comprehensive planning," said Tim Gerend, Head of Distribution Manager, Northwestern Mutual. "Congratulations to Scott and his team on receiving the outstanding recognition for the second year in a row." Sparks founded Sparks Financial…

LeBron James rejected the role of “Space Jam 2” 15 years ago

[embed][/embed]Saved in:"I did not think I was ready to do anything like that," said the Lakers player.Lebron James can be eager for fans to see him in A Space Jam: A New Legacy, but at one point he was not interested in taking the role. During an interview with Weekly entertainment, the Lakers star revealed that he turned down an offer to play in the sequel to the 1996 film that featured NBA legend Michael Jordan. "I did not think I was ready to do anything like that," said James, who was three years old in the NBA Right then.…

FBI alert for possible ‘war’ against Congress reached DC and Capitol Police before the attack, which deepened security issues

But the warning was not flagged for top officials at any of the agencies, according to congressional testimony Tuesday - in-depth questions about the divisions that contributed to massive security flaws on January 6.Both Acting DC Police Chief Robert J. Contee III and former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said that the intelligence service as a whole failed to detect key information about the intentions of the attacks and adequatecommunicate what was known in before the Capitol riot. "I would probably think that something as violent as an uprising at the Capitol would motivate a phone call or something," Contee…

Lawmakers break down confrontational Ercot officials over boy’s death in Texas freeze

A Texas the legislature broke down when she confronted officials from the state energy supplier, Ercot, over dozens of deaths during a power outage and a winter storm last week. It came as Ercot officials appeared before Texas lawmakers on Thursday to answer questions as part of a hearing on the company's role in the crisis. That was then, as reported by MSNBC, a lawmaker broke down in tears as she confronted Ercot officials over the death, which is believed to be in the dozens - and includes an 11-year-old boy, Cristian Pineda, who died of hypothermia. His family was…

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