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(***)Is There Insurance For Covid 19

(***)Is There Travel Insurance For Covid 19

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Several states are proposing laws to lower drug prices

Maia Anderson - Monday, February 15, 2021 Print | E-mail Several states are proposing legislation to lower drug prices in light of the lack of federal policy change. Kaiser Health News reported. Eighty-seven percent of Americans favor federal measures to lower drug prices, according to one investigation past Politico and Harvard University was released last month, making it the public's second highest political priority, according to Kaiser Health News. But bipartisan proposals proposed by Congress last year that would have punished drug manufacturers for raising inflation rates and covering the cost of Medicare Part D benefits were never passed. Kaiser…

Will Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady top the list?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to host Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl LV after winning three road games in a row to finally get that home game for this year's biggest competition. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady heading matching, but none of the teams lack elite talent in key positions, which is a big reason why these two teams have the opportunity to take home a Lombardi trophy.As we did last year, Pro football focus ranked all 44 projected Super Bowl starters along with nine rotating players we expect to play key roles. The order is strongly…

Food banks flooded under Covid welcome Biden fixes to SNAP program

DETROIT - Kinda Makini-Anderson has provided hot meals to households on the east side of Detroit throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. On her behalf, Makini-Anderson's non-profit Innerstad's youth group has provided over 150,000 meals in the last 10 months."We have always been there since 2009 and helped the community," she said one snowy morning recently after delivering breakfast to a local family. "But since the pandemic, there has been an overload."For most families, she helps feed, but these meals are not the only support they rely on to stay afloat. Makini-Anderson estimates that 98 percent of the households she serves already…

Super Bowl 2021 ads: Bud Light and Amazon advertising are starting to rush

Pringles went with a space theme for its 2021 Super Bowl ad. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser / CNET There will be no Budweiser Clydesdale horses nesting with puppies this year Super toast, but advertising will still be a must-see TV.The competitive high-stakes advertising landscape looks a little different this year as big names like Budweiser, Pepsi (half-sponsor) and Coke put out their usual commercial purchases when thinking about how best to market their brands during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. . But there's still no shortage of creative and entertaining ads to watch as the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers take…

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