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All about Sayville’s new animal feed mecca Purity Barn, which is now delivering

brand content | Here is the deal with the brand new one Purity barn shop in Sayville. They are selling the country's finest dog and cat food at competitive prices - often cheaper - with major brands at major retailers. They provide financial support for rescue teams.And they are delivering now. Bayport owner Matt Reagan, who runs Purity Barn with his children, says they are also trying to be a community hub for animal lovers. "We want you to bring your dog to the store, that you are a destination center to come and visit," he said. "And for our…

Kendrick Perkins claims that James Harden played poorly in the 2012 final due to the Miami Strip Club

Image via Getty / Jonathan BachmanA sincere athlete is a good thing.Okay, cool. With that out of the way, in an "All The Smoke" podcast that came out last Thursday, Kendrick Perkins claimed that his former Thunder teammate, James Harden, played poorly in the 2012 NBA Finals because a strip club in Miami had a hard time resisting temptation.For those who have reached the point in life where every season begins to blur together, the Thunder lost the series in five games, after beating San Antonio by six to get out of the West. OKC especially won Game One in…

With what we know about football, should Vincent Jackson’s death be a shock?

TAMPA - This time the headline was too close to home. Too disturbing. Too shocking.Vincent Jackson dies alone in an unwritten hotel room in Brandon a week after the Super Bowl was as outrageous as it was heartbreaking. This was not thousands of miles away like Junior Seau. This was not a minor name that was difficult to place. This was not a notorious loose cannon that seemed destined for a premature sad end.This was Vincent Jackson. Soccer star. Local philanthropist. Child author. Businessman.And now, perhaps, the victim of the sport who helped define him.Yes, it's a headline that is…

‘The knives come out’: Cuomo fights for political survival as pressure increases

For decades, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has maintained an iron grip on his public image, reinforced by the unwavering loyalty of longtime allies and the insecurity of his greatest political enemies.He wanted to show that he had control over the coronavirus pandemic and held daily news conferences that made him nationally known as opposed to a fluttering federal response. He wanted to show that he had control of the state's largest city, and he spent several years belittling the mayor of New York to prove it. He even wrote a book with his "leadership lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic"…

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