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Drivers in the state of Nevada are required to have a minimum liability insurance to drive legally. The legal minimum is 25/50/20, but it is possible (and in many cases desirable) to buy more than the minimum to have best car insurance in Nevada.You must...
By law, all Michigan drivers are required to have car insurance. More specifically, drivers must have a minimum amount of car insurance and certain types of insurance to comply with state laws. Driving without adequate insurance cover is illegal and has major consequences, even for...
You are probably familiar with AAA as a road supplier, but did you know that some drivers can also get AAA motorcycle insurance? However, AAA does not offer motorcycle coverage in all states - it all depends on your local AAA club. In this article,...

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The Supreme Court says companies must pay for asbestos damage: Asahi Shimbun

The Supreme Court ruled that building materials companies, not just the state, must be held accountable for failing to act in the past to prevent health damage from inhaling asbestos among former construction workers. Its decision could have far-reaching consequences as 24 similar lawsuits have been filed around Japan by former construction workers, a number of whom are now deceased, and their bereaved family members seeking compensation from the state as well as construction companies. The Supreme Court finalized the central government's responsibility in a separate trial on December 14. In its latest decision of January 28, First Petty Bench…

Man who killed FBI agents identified as David Huber: report

FBI agents comfort each other as they arrive at the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office in Dania, Fla., After two FBI agents were killed and three were injured while trying to execute a search warrant in Broward County on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. (Susan Stocker / AP)

First look: Mortal Kombat movie poster featuring Sub-Zero and Scorpion – IGN

With the new Deadly battle the film just two months away, IGN is excited to exclusively reveal the official US movie poster, starring Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) and Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim).Also, check out the international poster for territories including the UK and Australia, where Mortal Kombat is theatrically released:The rivalry between Scorpion and Sub-Zero is one of the most iconic of all video games. The details of their feud tend to evolve each time the franchise revisits its history, but it always revolves around the ghost Scorpion who chases Sub-Zero to avenge not only his own death but his entire family…

Glacial fractures in the Himalayas, causing frightening flooding with over 150 dreaded missing

TV channels broadcast images of flowing water that dropped down a narrow canyon in the mountains and swept away the power plant at its base. A second state power plant nearby also suffered extensive damage.Most of those missing were workers at the two power plants. In a dramatic rescue operation, armed forces dug a ditch to rescue more than a dozen workers trapped in a tunnel. Videos about the operation showed them pulling out a man who won with his arms in the air.Girish Joshi, a consultant with the state disaster management authority, said that a stretch of eighty miles…

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