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US Coronavirus: Hospital admissions are the lowest they have been in almost two months. But the United States is still in the “rough” coming weeks, says the expert

More than 97,000 patients remain in hospitals with the virus - far from the country's peak of more than 132,400 on 6 January. The last time this number fell below 100,000 was on 1 December. "Right now it's the worst possible world. It's winter. It's getting cold outside, people are together more, there are still a critical number of people in the US who do not wear masks, who do not have social distance," member of the FDA's vaccine advisory committee, told CNN on Saturday. "I think the next six weeks or two months will be tough. I think we…

South Korea’s app market ONE store grows in the middle of Google’s Play Store policy – ET Telecom

Seoul: South Korea the app market A store seems to emerge as a possible alternative to Google's Play Store in the country as local app developers worry about increasing the cost of the US tech giant's decision to extend the commission by 30 percent to all purchases of digital goods in the app later this year.The ONE store, a subsidiary of the leading wireless operator SK Telecom Co., launched the app market in 2016 as a minor rival to the Play store on Google's Android operating system, Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday.The app market has since grown steadily, making…

Trump is stepping down from the Screen Actors Guild as the union considers disciplinary action

The Screen Actors Guild held a disciplinary meeting to consider revoking former President Trump's membership, but before SAG could make any announcements, Trump announced that he would break up with them first. Trump sent a resignation letter to the president of the organization, Gabrielle Carteris, writes "I no longer want to be associated with your union." "I am writing to you today regarding the so-called Disciplinary Committee hearing which aims to revoke my union membership. Who cares!" wrote the former master. "Even though I do not know your work, I am very proud of my work with films such as"…

Los Angeles County will prioritize other vaccine doses next week among delivery shortages

NORTHRIDGE, California (KABC) - There is more capacity in Los Angeles County five super vaccinations than there are vaccines to go around. From Tuesday, the county will shift its priorities from the first dose vaccinations to those people who need a second dose.The shift is being made for people who received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and need their second after 21 days, Manuel Martinez told the Los Angeles County Fire Department.The state is struggling to get more doses to inoculate Californians who want one. At present, health workers in the front line, those living in nursing homes…

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