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Flat tires and friends: McCravy talks about his experience of getting stuck on I-26

Flat tires can happen to the best of us."I was in the left lane of one of the busiest parts of I-26 in Columbia," said State Rep. John McCravy. "I heard the tire go."He said he started working his way over to the emergency field."I barely made it off the highway," McCravy said.McCravy was on his way back to Greenwood with his wife Dana and their dog."I was trying to figure out how to lower the tire in the back," McCravy said.He said his Ram truck has a spare tire that is stored under the truck bed that can only…

Roaring 20s: the fashion world predicts boom after Covid | Fashion

As the number of fashion retailers closes continues to be emptied at the highest rate since 1999 according to Bloomberg, optimistic analysts have forecast a recovery after Covid.The Economist predicted a "new period of economic dynamism" was on the way, while Prof. Paul Krugman wrote in New York Times that "things will get better", said business mogul Tilman Fertitta CNBC : "The consumer is coming back ... this is going to be the 'roaring 20s' - you can just see it."Prada model at fashion week in Milan this month. Photo: Sipa / REex / ShutterstockIf the latest global recession of…

The Carmichael restaurant demands an answer from DoorDash after the supplier seems to steal money

Stephen Tran never expected anyone to steal his worker's hard-earned tips, especially someone who works for tips himself. But he says it happened at noon on Thursday at a BurgerIM restaurant in Carmichael. Security camera video shared with KCRA 3 shows a supplier woman from DoorDash wearing a blue jacket waiting to pick up a food order. She waits for the cashier to leave and then reaches into the tip jar at the register and grabs the cash. "Every dollar when it comes to a tip, it matters," Tran said of the effects of the stolen tips. "At a family…

DaBaby vs. JoJo Siwa – Are the Stars Really Feuding With Each …

[embed][/embed]21 February 2021, Published 19:03 ET"Blank Blank" rapper DaBaby (aka Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) made a strange remark about JoJo Siwa in one of his latest releases, a freestyle over SpotemGottem's now iconic track "Beat Box". "N ----, you ab ----, JoJo Siwa, b ----, she let wrong n ---- get rich," raps DaBaby at one point. The bar was a real head scraper for fans. So, is there any bad blood between DaBaby and JoJo? DaBaby avoids celeb feuds for the most part - at least until now. In his latest issue, "Beatbox 'Freestyle", he criticized JoJo, a sensation on…

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