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iPhone 12: What went wrong with the screen? | Forbes

iPhone 12: What went wrong with the screen? | Forbes  Forbes5G iPhone 13 Pro renderings reveal something that many iPhone users have asked for  PhoneArenaiPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Which iPhone is the best buy?  CNETApple's iPhone XS goes into bargains in a limited time new deal  PhoneArenaIs the iPhone 12 good enough or do you really need the Pro or Pro Max model?  CNETView full coverage on Google News

Sanders dismisses Biden’s ‘unit’ promise to run the COVID bill

Talk about short-lived. Late. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Proposed Sunday that the press to meet President Biden's $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief cost without Republican support takes precedence over Biden's promise of "unity" and bipartisan legislation. The incumbent chair of the Senate's Budget Committee seemed to abandon the Democratic Party's commitment to the two - party Congress in an appearance on ABC's "This Week," in which co-anchor Martha Raddatz questioned his support for a legislative process called the budget "reconciliation"which would speed up the bill through Congress if Republicans do not support the bill.BIDEN PROPOSES TO SPEND 1.9 TRILLION AS he…

Facebook is blocking news in Australia under the government’s plan to force payment to publishers

Facebook on Wednesday announced that they would restrict Australians from accessing news articles on their platform. Richard Drew / AP hide caption switch captions Richard Drew / AP Facebook on Wednesday announced that they would restrict Australians from accessing news articles on their platform. Richard Drew / AP Updated 20.45 ET Facebook said on Wednesday that it is preventing people in Australia from accessing news on its platform. In addition, Facebook users elsewhere will not be able to see or share news from Australian stores. The move is an answer to proposed legislation which would force social media platforms to…

Jamie Raskin: Trump’s defense defends ‘absurd constitutional arguments’

The Maryland Democrat's comments at a caucus talk on Wednesday offered a preview of how the House's prosecutors plan to punch holes in the former president's defense during next week's trial, while also making their case that Trump was responsible for inciting the deadly riot at the Capitol on the 6th. January. Trump's lawyer said on Wednesday that the defense will focus on the "technical" reasons why Trump should not be convicted and will avoid Trump's false allegations of widespread electoral fraud.Both House executives and Trump's legal team filed court proceedings in advance before the trial, which begins on 9…

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