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Tom Brady should not have to answer questions about his former Trump support: Clay Travis

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady should not have to answer questions about his former support for former President Donald Trump, Fox Radio host Clay Travis said on Friday before Super Bowl LV."Do [74.2] Millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump must answer for their support? That's what America is. It's a democracy. I voted for Donald Trump, Travis saidAmerica Reports. "Travis said that even if he did not vote for President Joe Biden, he would like to play golf with the commander-in-chief and hope he does a "good job"."No one ever needs to apologize when they support a…

Team news, line-ups and more before the Premier League match today

ProFootball Talk on NBC SportsWhat will the Lions do with Jared Goff?When the Browns got a second round from the Texans to receive Brock Osweiler's guaranteed salary of $ 16 million in 2017, it was obvious that he would not be in Week 1 in Cleveland. And he did not. So what should the Lions do now with Jared Goff and the bad contract they bought from [more]

California’s coronavirus variant is resistant to antibodies, but vaccines should still work

Early studies show that the coronavirus variant, which spreads widely across California, is somewhat resistant to antibodies that fight infections, but the vaccines should still offer good protection, say infectious experts.Antibodies generated by the vaccines or by previous coronavirus infection were two to four times stronger against earlier versions of the virus compared to the new variant, researchers at UCSF found in laboratory studies. They released preliminary results this week. The result is disappointing, but not cause for concern, say researchers involved in the study as well as external observers. The vaccines are extremely powerful, and even with a reduction…

The insurance group helps car glass companies to prepare and stay protected

"Cyber ​​liability is a major concern and there are two important factors - a data breach and the cyber risk associated with an external hack with certain vehicles," said Ken Deason, of Federated Insurance, when reviewing various insurance vehicles. glass companies need in an industry webinar. “Our cyber insurance coverage covers if your information is stored randomly and more. The Webinar, Assess your store insurance needs, hosted the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and took a closer look at different scenarios car service companies including car glass owners, could be in and how the insurance has changed since the pandemic began.…

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