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Army ROTC program at King’s College in experienced hands

From foreign combat to guarding the grave of the unknown soldier, US Army Sgt. 1st Class Rob Petry has seen a lot, and he builds on his experience training future Army leaders who are currently attending college in Lucerne County.Petry took a job as a military service instructor for the Army's ROTC program at King's College in May 2019."It simply came to our notice then. The way it works in the army is when you are a senior non-commissioned officer (non-commissioned officer), you talk to your branch chief and say, 'where does the army need a person with my qualifications…

Connected cars become an innovative management channel for use-based insurance through the new Verisk program

Jersey City, NJ, February 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Connected cars become a powerful lead generation channel for use-based insurance (UBI) with Discount Alert ™, a new program from Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK). Several US top insurance companies already use connected car telemetry from Verisk Data Exchange ™ for behavioral car insurance. Now with Discount Alert, insurers can use car manufacturers' digital ecosystems to interact directly with consumers who choose to share their driving data and reward their safe driving behavior with personal insurance offers. Discount Alert is a robust solution that can improve insurers' marketing efficiency through proactive exploration. Insurers use…

The CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program eSchool was announced

As credit counselors have a proven impact on reducing crime rates, CUNA has announced CUNA eCool Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) held from 9 June to 25 August. eSchool is designed for a variety of credit union staffing positions for credit unions to offer financial advisory expertise to its members. Participants in eSchool have the opportunity to obtain Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) certification. Since 2011, credit unions with at least one CCUFC have had an average decline of 52.7% in criminal interest rates. “The CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program is an excellent opportunity for credit unions to offer…

Alex’s Hyperbolic Stretching Routine Reviews – Is It Real? (PDF program) · Wall Street Call

iCrowdNewswire 22 February 2021 15:40 ET Hyperbolic Stretching Reviews - Is Alex's Program Really Worth Buying? Is the e-book only online? Read more about the book, pdf, download, before and after and phone number.Official website: click here Get Alpha Muscle Strength with Superfast Stretching Protocol Having a strong body core with perfect shape is the dream of many people from adolescence to adulthood. And it does not matter about your age. But the transformation is based on your body and your attitude. Most men and women struggle hard to lose weight, and they do not even know how to tighten…

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