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Parents across the country are charting a new course: Sailing from General Education • Paso Robles Press

By Connie Pillsbury Sometimes when you are in the middle of a giant windstorm, you do not notice the change in wind speed. But it is a storm that is blowing through general education in the United States that has been gaining momentum for about thirty years. The first signs were when families began "homeschooling" in the 1980s, which was first considered a "fringe phenomenon" but now the fastest growing form of education in America. In 1983, the number was 93,000, and jumped to one million in 1997 and 2.5 million in 2019. That number doubled in January this year,…

EDUCATION CARD: Radford’s Master’s Program Comes to NCI: New Program to Help Patrick Students

Dr. Tamara Fountain, granddaughter of Mary Jane Via and the late Roy Via, a former resident of Henry County, is the first African-American woman to be appointed president of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Fountain is a professor of ophthalmology at Rush University Medical Center and an oculoplastic surgeon in private practice in Illinois. The academy represents 32,000 ophthalmologists. PHOTO SUBMITTED STAFF REPORTERS The master's program comes to NCIRadford University is pursuing a master's degree in strategic communication at the New College Institute in Martinsville.The degree is suitable for a variety of industries, and students will conduct courses in public…

An education on the way

Leigh Ann Emerson jokes that she took her master's degree on a bus that travels to and from her job as experimental director at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). "The number of lectures I watched and textbooks I read on the bus is staggering," said Emerson, a doctoral student in nuclear technology at the University of Idaho who received his master's degree in technology management in 2018. Emerson said she could not afford to give up her job while attending graduate school, so the U of I's Engineering Outreach (EO) program was the perfect solution for juggling both. "I could…

New Canadians were forced to postpone university education twice after long government delays

A new Canadian was forced to change his future plans in Nova Scotia after waiting almost a year for his application for permanent residence to be processed and approved."I had to postpone my degree because I did not receive it (permanent residence card) in September and I postponed it until January, but of course in January I did not receive anything," said ABM Naimul Islam. Islam first came to Canada in 2015 to study at Saint Mary's University. After graduating, he planned to settle in Nova Scotia and promote his education. Contribution: ABM Naimul Islam Born in Bangladesh, Islam first…

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