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March 14 is National Sleep Awareness Week. The week-long event was launched in 1998 by the National Sleep Foundation and aims to celebrate sleep health and encourage better sleep habits. Here at Tom's Guide, we're about getting the right amount of sleep, so instead of...

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Presidents Day shopping 2021: mattress sales, furniture, clothing, more

Every year when Presidents Day rolls around, so do sales.Lots of retailers offer deep discounts for online customers, and most specialty sales have already begun. You will find offers on mattresses, hiking equipment, furniture, clothes and more - with free shipping is often included as part of the package.Here are some of the offerings that await in honor of President's Day 2021:WayfairBig sales are going on at Wayfair. Highlights of the company's 2021 Presidents Day sale include a 70% discount on carpets, a 65% discount on outdoor furniture and a 60% discount on both bedroom furniture and seating in the…

Marketing technology for mattress retailers to increase sales and profits

To get higher sales and profits, mattress dealers come up with new trends regularly. These trends are generally seen in the form of the introduction of different types of mattress materials and techniques to improvise human comfort. If you own a mattress company, you need to learn about the different trends in the mattress industry. It helps you formulate the most effective mattress sales strategies to increase your customer base and revenue generation. Adjustable beds: A new trend Although adjustable bases have been used for many decades, growing popularity latex mattress and memory foam with gel have increased sales of…

Does an adjustable mattress mean that I’m old now?

You know you need a new mattress when you do not remember how old your current mattress is! We have turned it over, padded and turned again - but the time was right.Actually, we probably needed one two years ago, but just the thought of buying one gave me hives. Buying a mattress is an expensive and usually non-refundable endeavor.So many options, so many variations but basically I just did not want a bad one. I did not want it too soft or too hard, did not want it to make me cold but definitely did not want it to…

The best mattresses for 2021

Photo: CasperJust because you might find raves on social media for a particular mattress brand does not mean that it is necessarily a good mattress for you. In addition, a brand's most expensive model is not always the best offer, objectively speaking; Sometimes you get more for your money with a beginner or mid-priced design. On our mattress brand pages, we assess everything from the material that a company uses in its mattresses and how good the customer service is to online reviews and our own personal tests - so you are armed with the information you need to make…

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