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Walt Disney World Resort Update for February 17-22, 2021

Walt Disney World Resort Update for February 17-22, 2021  Writer's Note, News & Views (Combined) While most of the United States (and, heck, a whole lot of the Northern Hemisphere) has found itself blanketed in snow and/or chilled to some record low temperatures over this past week, Central Florida continued to see daily high temperatures in the mid-80s until just yesterday and today where the highs have only been in the mid-70s. Wherever you are, I hope you are doing okay and, indeed, still staying well. Don't fret, your weather will improve and here in Central Florida we'll have another…

More than 100 people were left homeless by fire in Abbotsford’s apartment building CBC News

More than 100 people have been displaced from their homes after a fire broke out in an apartment building in Abbotsford, BC, early Sunday morning. Nearly 60 rental suites at Delair Road 35160 must be evacuated and will be uninhabitable for at least a year after the building's roof was severely damaged.Deputy Fire Chief Ron Hull says the 911 call came in around 1:30 a.m. and the entire fire brigade was dispatched to the scene. "On arrival, they had a fire rolling over the roof line of a three-story apartment," he said.[We] had to leave the entire building and adjacent…

Oregon breaks State Sports Betting Records in January: $ 34.9 million wagered

Oregon does not have a large sports games market, but the state has started 2021 in an impressive way. In January, Oregon experienced its highest sports betting handle to date.The sports betting handle in January was $ 34.9 million. Sports betting was launched in Oregon in October 2019.Current State of Oregon SportsbookThe record-breaking handle in January was significant because the Oregon sports betting market has had some bad economic months. Sports betting has been going on in Oregon for almost a year and a half.Oregon has only one mobile betting platform. This app is called ScoreBoard and is operated by…

Knicks stars were not happy about “shaky” service

Warriors shot 24 free throws. The Knicks shot 22 free throws. That did not stop the Knicks from expressing concern over officials after the first garden match this season with fans. Derrick Rose was the loudest after he felt dirty on some moves to the arch. The Knicks shot 39 percent and faded in the second half - a new trend. "I felt we got good shots," said Rose, who scored 16 points, eight assists but missed nine of his last 11 shots. "To be honest, we did not receive the calls. It felt like guys were entering the lane…

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