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In March, nearly 40 individuals from across the country will meet with their legislators to urge Congress to take bipartisan action to prioritize the battle against antibiotic resistance: a looming global health threat that threatens the future of modern medicine. As part of The Pew...

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The NRA says it’s asking the federal court docket to repeal the Maryland regulation on qualifying licenses

Fb reverses ban on Virginia gun-rights groupSocial media large is altering course with out giving any clarification for shutting down the group's account. Ed Levine, social media director of the Virginia Residents Protection League, offers perception into 'Fox & amp; Buddies first. 'The Nationwide Rifle Affiliation stated Wednesday that it helps a authorized problem by a Maryland regulation requiring small arms patrons to endure coaching and apply for a allow, stating that it creates pointless limitations for common residents to train their rights. The influential gun rights group helps a trial by which Maryland Shall Subject, one other Second complement…

Who knew? Surprising places that welcome pets

Pet parents know the places where their furkids are welcome: dog parks, most common parks, some beaches, some hiking trails and pet stores. Most other places keep their hairy side kicks. . . or, do they? It turns out that pets are allowed - and even welcome - in more places than pet parents might think.I take my dogs with me everywhere I can, and we often try to sniff out new places we can hang out together. Along the way, I have found some surprising and fun places where my pets are as welcome as I am.Be aware that…

NYC Animal Welfare Closed Due to COVID – Foster Homes Needed

Hansen credited ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Amsterdog, Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Eskies Online, Feline Rescue of Staten Island, Odd Cat Sanctuary and Sean Casey Animal Rescue for jumping in to help. ACC volunteers have also been important, she said.

Biden officials believe China is “the biggest long-term national security threat” to the United States, McCaul said

President Biden's Secretary of State Tony Blinken and the White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan "China poses the 'greatest long-term national security threat to the United States,'" Republican Michael McCaul told Fox News after speaking with officials, but McCaul said they would have a "different attitude" toward China than the Trump administration. .During an exclusive interview with Fox News, McCaul, R-Texas, the highest-ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, described his talks with Blinken and Sullivan.BIDEN 'PRIORITY TRADE WITH CHINA'S TRADE ABUSE' THAT INJURIES AMERICAN WORKERS, SULLIVAN SAYS"When I spoke to Secretary of State Blinken and National Security…

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