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When it comes to cars, trucks and SUVs, two established Jasper dealers now want a Penney for your thoughts. Bill Penney Auto Group has two dealers (Toyota and Mitsubishi) in Huntsville, as well as one of the largest collision centers in the state, which opened...

(***)Toyota dealerships in alabama

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Biden to confirm transatlantic ties in first major foreign policy outing

Paired with his first virtual session in Group 7 a few hours earlier, Biden's back-to-back diplomatic commitment will focus on his efforts to restore the transatlantic alliance after it was strained under Trump, who viewed Europe as a trade rival and often said he believed that traditional American friends were harder to deal with than opponents.And while officials, when he previewed his appearances, said Biden would not focus primarily on Trump during his excursions, the threatening influence of his predecessors will still inform the message the president is trying to convey."He will certainly acknowledge that democracy is under stress, democratic…

Self-storage history: A little glamor, but steady returns drive the market

When Mike Pride of Falmouth retired from the merchant navy after 21 years, he began his "chapter two" by investing in commercial real estate. Several years ago, FO Bailey real estate agent Thomas Gadbois introduced him to the self-storage sector and showed him a facility at 226 Gorham Road in Scarborough and another at 14 Tory Hill Drive in Buxton. "I thought, 'It's a company but not so many employees, so I can run it myself,'" Pride recalls. Pride bought the properties with a little skepticism. "I'm thinking, 'Who's storing their stuff? ", He says. After fixing them and doing…

First for a while: Lakeview mock test teams qualify for the state for the first time in over a decade

According to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation, schools receive a fictitious drop package each year. It alternates between civil and criminal cases. Team creates arguments for both the prosecutor / plaintiff and the defense side.Students work either to be a lawyer or to testify for the case in question. For competitions, children will discuss their side while being judged by three real lawyers or judges.The winners are not determined by which side wins the case, but rather by who gave the best performance, Higgins said. In addition, points are given to the lawyers who have the best grasp of the…

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Published Sunday 14 February 2021 | 04:04 Updated 5 hours, 17 minutes ago BERLIN (AP) - On Sunday, Germany carried out strict border controls at its borders with the Czech Republic and the Tyrolean province of Austria in an attempt to stop the spread of more contagious coronavirus variants. The new restrictions that came into force at midnight restrict entry from these areas to German citizens and residents, truck drivers, transport and healthcare staff and some others, who must register online and show a negative coronavirus test. The German government warned that some border delays were possible, but police said…

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(***)Tax return

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