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My turn: Who’s ‘Jeannie Smith off the sidewalk’?

New Hampshire is facing a critical shortage of nurses. The reasons vary, from our state's aging population to the requirements of COVID-19, but the challenge is real. Everywhere in our state, the demand for skilled and qualified nurses is high. This is precisely why state legislators are investigating new ways to improve healthcare pipeline. This is also why the NH House Education Committee in Concord is reviewing a bill to allow schools in K-12 to hire nurses with associate degrees rather than the current bachelor's degree. Given the extensive training required for someone to obtain a degree in nursing, this…

Tom Brady’s recent win is a loss of Ruthian proportions for the Patriots

Earlier on Sunday, I wrote about the Patriots' prospects for land Matthew Stafford this off-season. The result of the article was that, if things break, the Patriots cough up security and Stafford thinks New England is a good place to play, maybe they can get him. Power. If they'm lucky. If they are lucky, a guy who has never won a playoff game in 12 seasons with the Lions, finished over 0.500 four times and has thrown more than 30 touchdown passes once since 2011 will adorn the Patriots with his presence. A few hours after I submitted that article,…

LoveSac: What Investors Need to Know | The Motley Fool

For many investors, LoveSac (NASDAQ:LOVE) may conjure images of stained bean bags or low-end malls, but this reformed retailer of "sacs" and "sactionals" has completely reinvented its image and business over the past few years. In this episode of Industry Focus: Consumer Goods, join Fool analyst Asit Sharma and host Emily Flippen as they discuss if they love LoveSac enough to add it to their watch list. To catch full episodes of all the Motley Fool's free podcasts, check out our podcast center. To get started investing, check out our quick-start guide to investing in stocks. A full transcript follows…

1600: Trump is convinced, but he is not clear

Teflon Don? Not yet Fifty-seven senators, including seven Republicans, decided Donald Trump committed an incurable crime. Statements from at least five more Republican senators suggested that Trump bear the blame for the deadly January 6 US Capitol uprising but they doubted the constitutionality of accusing a former president. The 57-43 vote was the first Senate majority to convince a 152-year-old president, but 10 votes under the two-thirds needed. So has the twice-accused Trump beaten his last rap? In the long run, not necessarily. As a private citizen, Trump is now being removed from his protection of legal responsibility given to…

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