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Golf carts have a usefulness that extends beyond the links, such as getting around your community, picking up garden equipment and beautiful rides around your property. However, if you plan to drive your golf cart on public roads, you may need a golf cart insurance,...

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2021 State of the City

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz charted a path for Toledo’s continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic – assisted by a number of new and existing programs, along with unprecedented economic growth – highlighted the victories of 2020, promised an unparalleled residential road repaving program to begin this spring, and bestowed the Key to the City to all Toledo-area healthcare heroes during the 2021 State of the City address delivered tonight from the Toledo Museum of Art’s Peristyle Theater. “Despite all of the adversity and the challenges we faced in 2020, Toledo was able to build on its momentum, deliver core city services,…

The full list of winter storm warnings and winter weather advice active on Sunday

UPDATE (16.45 Sunday): With the snow swaying, all winter storm warnings and bells over New Jersey have been interrupted by the National Weather Service. With snow already falling on a steady cliff in parts of New Jersey Sunday morning and more snow on the road Sunday afternoon, den National Weather Service has winter storm warnings active in 16 counties and winter weather advice in force in the rest of the state.Here is the complete list of storm warnings, county by county and what time each warning is scheduled to expire. (An explanation of what the warnings and advice mean can…

Storms are likely to cause ‘extensive’ delays in vaccine shipments, the CDC said

The two known affected shipping hubs include FedEx facilities in Memphis, Tenn., And Louisville, Ky., According to the CDC. It is unclear how many vaccine doses are affected by delays, but officials from many states said they expected delays, including Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas. Kris Ehresmann from the Minnesota Department of Health said state caregivers may need to reschedule appointments because of the delays. Meanwhile, a number of cities across the country, including Chicago, Memphis and Dallas, closed vaccination sites due to the winter storms. The news comes when the Biden administration on Tuesday announced that it will increase…

California’s deputy arrested for alleged staging of an ambush

A California sheriff's deputy was charged on Friday with arranging a drive-by shooting in January last year. according to a release from the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.Vice Sukhdeep Gill of Santa Clara County claimed he was ambushed by a passing car while stopping at the side of the road to urinate during a routine patrol last year. He claimed to have been shot and shortly afterwards used the emergency send button to indicate that he had been shot. The incident triggered a hunt for the alleged attacker.At the time of the incident, officials from the sheriff's office and…

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