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How I used credit cards to cover $ 4,000 in unexpected expenses – while getting hundreds of travel rewards and avoiding interest

This article is presented by the Personal Finance Insider team. It has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise approved by any of the issuers listed. Some of the offers you see on the site are from our partners such as Citi and American Express, but our coverage is always independent. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page.Nothing can track your finances like being hit with a big, unexpected bill.This is what happened to me at the end of 2020. A trip to the dentist revealed that I needed to have made about $ 4,000 in dental care -…

Should I use a loan to pay off credit card debt?

If you consistently pay $ 450 against your credit card debt, it will take 46 months to pay it off and you will spend $ 5,444 on interest.If you could get a personal loan with a lower interest rate at 7.99%, the debt can be paid in 36 months and you pay a total of $ 1919 in interest. That's a saving of 10 months and $ 3,525.Is a personal loan really better than credit card debt?Yes - if a personal loan offers a lower interest rate and saves money, it is better than credit card debt.With most personal loans,…

Why use a credit card for almost every payment

If you do not use your credit cards for your daily expenses, you may want to change ways. There are benefits to using credit cards responsibly for regular purchases.Credit cards are powerful financial tools. They allow us to pay for expenses we need without having to carry cash. They also make it less stressful to pay for emergency expenses. But do you still end up in your wallet to use cash or debit cards when you are at the checkout? If so, you may want to change ways, as it can be beneficial to get used to using your cards…

The city’s credit card policy cannot be enforced, the prosecutor says

Walker often gives speakers and citizens who work with the city a gift certificate for food. Walker said she had never been told that the expenses were incorrect and that they had not been questioned.Records obtained by The Daily Progress show that employees in the city have known about gift card purchases for at least two years without objection.Walker could not be reached for comment on Platania's letter.Councilman Michael Payne said the problem was politics, not any particular person."No attempt has been made to prosecute anyone, and neither should it," he said. “I think the next thing is to have…

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