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Tax rules offer incentives to become truck drivers; Can help alleviate the shortage

In addition to deductions for individual drivers, financial incentives are increasingly being offered for the truck industry as a whole. Trucking is not just a job, it is a profession and is treated as such by the Internal Revenue Service. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (PRWEB) February 15, 2021 If you are a truck driver, you are also a business and entitled to a number of money-saving tax deductions. Regardless of whether you are a truck owner / operator or an employee of another company, you can deduct your mobile fees, license fees and other costs from your declared taxable income. "Trucking…

How to choose a tax staff

Couple preparing an income tax return. getty Your tax return can be so simple that you do not need professional help - until the year when it is not. The tax year 2020 is the year for many taxpayers. Covid-related tax relief, work from home and taxable unemployment increase the complexity of what was the simplest return. Because of these complicating factors, you may want to wait a little longer to file your taxes. But if you are planning to hire a paid preparer, you should look for one now if you are not willing to be on extension or…

Best tax software and services: Credit Karma to TurboTax

Drazen Zigic / Getty Images / iStockphotoNow that the calendar has moved to 2021, most people are probably realizing that their New Year's resolutions were very unrealistic - and that it's time to file their taxes again. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to file your taxes now. You can do your taxes online and even avoid paying an accountant by logging on free tax software platforms. And the different options mean that you can find the right program for your needs. After all, the best tax software for the self-employed will not necessarily be the same as the best…

Capitol Recap: The governor’s budget focuses on changes in corporate tax

Republican lawmakers representing the state's 12th, 13th, 15th and 18th congressional districts released a joint statement:Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has been the constant force of the state government during Illinois' steady decline over the past two decades, destroying our state finances and pursuing policies that have driven our state to the ground. During his half-century in office, Madigan has provided tax increases, budget deficits, retirement vacations, debts and job-breaking rules through the General Assembly, while accumulating a huge amount of personal political power and enriching himself through his property taxes. law firm. Due to Madigan's failed leadership, families in…

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