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Homeowner costs that your customers can review

When buyers contact you for help making a property purchase, they have probably considered their budget and decided how much they can afford to spend on a new home. They have probably considered a down payment, mortgage, closing costs, taxes and insurance. Your buyers may even have received prior approval from a lender. Even when they have been very thorough, buyers can overlook or underestimate some of these common homeowner costs: Lawn maintenanceTaking care of peat, gardens, shrubs and trees can go a long way, even for do-it-yourself homeowners and for those with smaller farms. Buyers are likely to have…

The Super Bowl trailer for Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is striking

This was last year's Super Bowl look at TF & TWS - remember when we thought it would be the first Disney Plus original? Marvel Studios Disney Plus treated Super toast viewers of a great new trailer for The falcon and the winter soldier on Sunday and March 19 can not come soon enough. Look below at Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie as the second best marvel Cinematic Universe team-up, with friendly jokes, competition and even a staring competition. The falcon and the winter soldier will debut on Disney Plus with a six-episode series as part of MCU's Phase 4,…

Oregon again reports no new COVID-19 deaths; the case falls to 184 in the middle of snow, ice – KTVZ

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) - For the second day in a row, there are no recently reported COVID-19-related deaths in Oregon and the state's death toll is still 2137, the Oregon Health Authority reported on Monday, noting that the winter storm has likely reduced cases and laboratory results. OHA also reported 184 new confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 as of Monday at 12:01 p.m., the lowest number in months, which means that the state totals 150,464. Note: The number of cases and electronic laboratory results is lower than expected on Monday, OHA said. This is probably due to the winter…

How to stream Super Bowl LV

Article contentDAZN, which is not pronounced the phonetic "dazzin" but the more sensual "da-zone", is all you need to stream Super Bowl LV. DAZN was first launched in 2017 in Canada and already offers all games for NFL, MLB, Premier League and more. Right now, DAZN does not stream NBA or NHL games, but they do in other countries, so who knows what kind of call the Canadian sports rights holders have?More on this topicAfter your 30-day free trial, DAZN costs either $ 20.00 is billed monthly or $ 150.00 is billed once a year. DAZN has one dedicated streaming…

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