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Super Bowl LV: Zoo Knoxville’s giant turtle picks Chiefs to win

Aldabra giant turtles are mostly herbivores that eat grass and leaves, according to Zoo Knoxville officials. In the wild, they have been known to eat small invertebrates and break down body parts from other animals. Big Al, who has been in captivity, prefers fruits such as apples, bananas and vegetable pellets, WBIR reported. .

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: What’s Best For You?

Digital marketing is a competitive arena and to attract maximum traffic to your products, advertisers are always looking for new ways to reach customers. Conventional marketing via media, print form or radio gives you a single chance to attract the attention of your target audience for marketing. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to redirect and re-mark your product repeatedly to selective consumers who are already interested. When choosing strategies for marketing your brand, it is a smart way to start by appealing to customers who have previously shown interest in your product or services. This is where digital advertising…

Tom Brady after 40: Compare the goat’s ageless performance with other great athletes

Tom Brady has accomplished more in the NFL since he turned 40 than some quarterbacks do throughout his career. In fact, you could argue that the ageless quarterback miracle has done more than any athlete over the great sports of United Sports since he turned 40 years old. Brady, 43, has played four seasons in the NFL since turning 40 with the Patriots and Buccaneers. He has passed 17,622 yards, 125 TDs and 39 interceptions during the four seasons. He has an average of 350.4 passing laps with 17 TDs and seven interceptions in the playoffs since he turned 40.…

“Top secret” Saudi documents show that Khashoggi assassins used companies seized by the Saudi Crown Prince

The documents, which were submitted as part of a Canadian civil trial earlier this year, are marked "Top Secret" and are signed by a Saudi minister who passed on the Crown Prince, the young de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia."On the instruction of His Highness the Crown Prince," the Minister wrote in a translation, "immediately approve the completion of the necessary procedures for this."The application describes how the ownership of Sky Prime Aviation was ordered to be transferred to the country's $ 400 billion sovereign wealth fund at the end of 2017. The company's aircraft was later used in the…

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