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Perth in lockdown and ends Australia’s two-week run without COVID-19

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian city of Perth was ordered to lock up on Sunday after a security guard who worked in hotel quarantine tested positive for COVID-19 and ended the country's longest coronavirus-free run.From Sunday evening to Friday, people in the city with two million must stay at home, in addition to necessary work, health care, food shopping or exercise, with visits to hospitals and nursing homes prohibited, says Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan.Australia's fourth most populous city had not registered any cases of the virus in ten months, and Australia had only a few hours earlier announced…

Sen Murphy: ‘We have a constitutional responsibility’ to hold Trump’s trial

Sen Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Claimed on Sunday that Senate has "a constitutional responsibility" to keep trial by former president Donald Trump."There is a clear precedent for the Senate moving forward in the trial process when articles are sent even after an official has left office, and so my analysis begins here and ends with what is my constitutional responsibility," the Democratic senator said.Fox News Sunday."TRUMP IMPEACHMENT IS 'PARTISAN FARCE', SCHUMER WANTS TO DESERVE TO BE COVERED AND: RAND PAUL"I do not think our job will end just because the president has partially resigned because accusations not only come with the…

Tom Brady will be wearing a white shirt in the Super Bowl … And that could be good news for the Bucs – CBS San Francisco

BOSTON (CBS) - There may not be a part of society that is more superstitious than sports. Whether it's putting on a right sock before a left sock each time, or going through strict foreplay rituals, or flashing five times before each game, athletes tend to tick a little differently than the rest of us. And in that respect, there is something good new for Tom Brady. It comes in the form of ... jersey color. When the Bucs take the field at home in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Chiefs, they will do so while looking like…

Jimmy Kimmel warns Melania Marjorie Taylor Greene “coming” for Trump

Then TV is new favorite punching bag took a few more hits Tuesday night when Jimmy Kimmel spent most of his monologue digging into the latest controversy surrounding QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)."Mitch McConnell came out of his shell yesterday to distance himself from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene," the host said. "Senate minority leaders called her to hang on" loony lies and conspiracy theories. ""While McConnell did not mention Greene by name, he said that anyone who pursues her outrageous belief is a "cancer of the party" which, in Kimmel's words, "distracts Republicans from the important work of blocking…

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