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Rangers refrain from controversial defender Tony DeAngelo for an exception

Tony DeAngelo is probably made in New York. (Photo by Jeanine Leech / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)It turns out that Tony DeAngelo was not worth it.The New York Rangers made that determination Sunday morning and placed the fifth-year defender and magnet for controversy on the exception.DeAngelo has made a lot of headlines this season, mostly for reasons unrelated to performance on the ice. Among them, he threw a tantrum on Twitter when former US President Donald Trump was banned from the platform and stated that he would reserve his presence on social media exclusively for Parler - the social…

WEEKEND WEATHER: Milder temp, a lot of rain on the road

Is brown of the snow finally behind us? We'll have another nice day here in the Hudson Valley on Friday, as mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 40's should help melt away more of this. heavy snow pack. However, the pleasant weather will not last long, as clouds and the chance of snow showers return to Friday night. How much snow are we looking at? Hudson Valley Weather says we should be anywhere from just a pavement, up to 3 inches at the higher altitudes of the Catskills.Highs Friday afternoon will stay in the 40s. Low overnight will be…

Titan’s Twitter praises Isaiah Wilson and says he’s done with the team

[embed][/embed]While several reports suggest that nothing has officially changed in the troubled relationship between Isaiah Wilson and the Tennessee Titans, his saying that he is the one who is done with the team was enough to make the Titans' Twitter work.On Monday night, Wilson tweeted that he was “Made with football like a Titan” before removing it a little later. Unfortunately for him, the internet and screenshots are one thing, so there was no clearing of the evidence.Unless a separation we do not know has already happened, it's a strange statement given that it is the Titans who have invested…

We’ve finally played the lost, official Goldeneye 007 remaster for Xbox 360

The Goldeneye 007remake projects, made for Xbox 360 consoles and then discontinued, are now in our hands. Yes, it is a higher resolution of the N64 era Pierce Brosnan, which aims and shoots at us in a much higher resolution than in 1996. This is as close to the "final" as we will probably see, so we'll take it. Microsoft / Rare Another angle of higher resolution Brosnan in the intro sequence. Complex multiplayer match in updated graphics. Complex multiplayer matching, in "original" graphics, which is switched by tapping the right bumper of an Xbox gamepad. (Most images in this…

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