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Student debt relief and the need for a solution

-Peter Canova Democratic lawmakers are currently discussing how they will pass new legislation with a Democratic president and majority in both the House and Senate. It is time for Democrats to finally do something for their constituents, but the broken party is making it difficult for legislators to enact such legislation. Above all, student debt has been on the minds of many even before the pandemic began. Student loans have been a problem that has plagued this country for decades, and many progressives in the House and Senate are trying to alleviate that burden for many Americans. On February 4,…

Pandemic leads to housing boom and lower credit card debt, new data shows

It may take a while for our economy to return to pre-pandemic.The Back to normal tracker from CNN and Moody's Analytics says that since October, the economy has been stagnant, driving about 80% of its pre-pandemic level.But despite the hardships that so many families are still experiencing, the New York Federal Reserve recently released a report that shows some encouraging signs.According to the data, the mortgage balance, or the amount of the debt at a certain point in time during a mortgage loan, in 2020 grew by 182 billion dollars, the largest increase since 2007, which shows that the housing…

How to use a personal loan to pay off credit card debt – Press release

LOS ANGELES - 23 February 2021 - ( Credit card debt can be overwhelming when you see how your bill goes up each month. To make it more tasty, divide it into two components. The first is the principal. How much do you owe before interest is charged? The second part is the interest part. Taking out a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt will not lower your interest rate, but it may lower your interest rate. This is the main reason to consider this option. Interest rates may be lower on one personal loan versus credit…

Consumer and corporate debt consolidation market 2021 Global insights and technology development – KSU | Sentinel Newspaper

The report entitled “Consumer and corporate debt consolidation market” gives a primary impression of the consumer and corporate debt consolidation industry covering various products Scope, characterizations, classifications, goals and participants within the industrial chain structure. Consumer and corporate debt consolidation market (6 Forces Forecast 2021-2027) research report provides intensive insight into the consumer and corporate debt consolidation industry that masks all important parameters together with Marketing channel, direct marketing, indirect marketing, brand strategy, pricing strategy, Market Positioning, Target Client and Distributors / Traders List. Consumer and corporate debt consolidation The market report profiles the most important players operating (Goldman Sachs,…

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