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Texas Standard on December 15, 2020

When the hope arrives in Texas in the form of a vaccine, fear for thousands of Texans who do not see how to pay their rent next month. The story of today's Texas Standard. The end of a federal expulsion moratorium leaves many Texas tenants worried about where to go in January. We'll explore. And: The latest on the distribution of COVID vaccines and why some healthcare professionals fear they may remain. Also: More COVID-19 questions from listeners. Plus: The anniversary of the 13th change: reason to celebrate? Commentator Peniel Joseph on a tragic story, and where we are now.…

Seahawks, arrest of Chad Wheeler attracts lukewarm reactions

4 days after that, Seattle Seahawks launched an announcement. 4 days later Chad Wheeler, an offensive lineman on Seattle's roster over the previous two seasons was arrested for an alleged heinous assault on his girlfriend, the Seahawks stated ... one thing.It was little greater than their non permanent "we're conscious of the scenario and gathering info" from Monday, after the information unfold of Wheeler's arrest, however not a lot.And if we're pessimistic, given the Seahawks' historical past with different gamers accused of home violence, it got here solely after an outrage on social media that noticed Wheeler's title a stylish…

Whicker: Dr. Damien Richardson can talk to Tom Brady as a medical miracle

Seventeen years ago, Damien Richardson stood on a sideline in Houston, usually close to John Fox, the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. "I got a lot of time," Richardson said. Richardson did not get any playing time because he was on crutches. His knee was injured and his neck was already in question from his days as a super-collider of special teams. But he got to see everything except Janet Jackson's wardrobe error at half time. He saw the Panthers and Patriots retreat and advance, and he saw Tom Brady gather and pull out a 32-29 victory. Now Richardson…

Home Republicans who voted to accuse facial rashes at house to check Trump’s endurance

At house, anger amongst Republican officers, donors and voters over those that voted to accuse Trump broke out, with state and native officers condemning their votes and first challengers - who've benefited from right-wing bookings - beginning their campaigns early. The group of ten Republicans contains moderates in swing districts, in addition to some trusted conservatives, together with no. 3-ranked Home Republic, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheneyand the South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice. "It began large and it is nonetheless rising. Individuals are offended," mentioned Bryan Miller, the Republican president of Wyoming's Sheridan County, who mentioned he plans to run in…

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(***)South university login

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