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Kourtney Kardashian wows in itty bitty red bikini: “My content is thirsty”

Kourtney Kardashian sets pulses with a series of snaps in a very small red bikini.Kardashian, 41, shared three photos to Instagram on Friday and a fourth on Saturday that turned out to go through a pool in the nice red number.On Saturday, the reality TV star admitted that she is well aware that she has been provocative online in recent days.A jaw-dropping photo posted on her account shows a great-grandmother dropping wet after getting out of her pool. "dried out (bc my content is thirsty this week LOL)," she said formed the steaming image.KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN AND KENDALL JENNER SIZZLE IN…

To Frank or not to Frank, that’s the Suns question

[embed][/embed]Saved in:Should Frank Kaminsky get started with the Suns?(Editor's note: this piece was written before the Suns' victory over the Los Angeles Lakers)Frank Kaminsky. The man who came back to the valley after spending a pre-season in the city of trees (I did not know it was Sacramento's nickname. Now both you and I do). Who would have thought that during the first 33 matches of the season he would be a topic of conversation in relation to the success of the first five matches? It's an interesting conversation to have: should the Suns start Frank or not? The beauty…

Golden Globes 2021: Netflix leads studios with 10 wins

[embed][/embed]Netflix led the studios and networks to victory at the 78th Golden Globe Awards, a fitting coda to a year when streaming dominated the entertainment industry's conversations, as much of the audience was stuck at home. The award ceremony was broadcast on NBC during a cloud of controversy after one Los Angeles Times report into the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., the award-winning group.Inside the entertainment industryThe Wide Shot gives you news, analysis and insights on everything from the current war to production - and what it all means for the future. Sometimes you can get advertising content from the Los…

There’s a NY company called Smash Therapy where you break things

Feeling stressed? Do you need to live under a rescue caused by a pandemic, that you need to blow off some steam? Bills piled up? This can be very therapeutic for some if you are willing to drive. There is actually a place that opened in Rochester 2018 rang Smash Therapy. It has turned out to be such a huge thing that owner Steven Shortino is planning expands to Syracuse. In just one day can this new business expand across the state to the Hudson Valley or Capitol Region? it is safe to say that we have some damned people…

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