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A preview of Super Bowl LV sports betting and the best bets

TipRanks2 "Strong Buy" Penny Stocks with over 200% up and down the horizonLet's talk about risk and the whole. This is an appropriate time, as the high risk - presented by the COVID-19 pandemic - is finally diminishing thanks to the ongoing vaccination program. COVID leaves behind an economy that was forced to shut down a year ago while in the midst of a major expansion, encouraged by deregulation policies. While the new Biden administration is busy turning many Trump politicians around, at least for now, the economy is recovering. And this leads us to risk. A time of economic…

Leslie Robert Axelrod Obituary – Chicago, IL

Leslie Robert Axelrod, 92. Beloved husband of Leah nee Mandelker for almost 70 years. Loving father of David (Penny), Harry (Hollis), Garrick, Bradley (Robin), Nell and the late Craig (Carolina Gonzalez). Cherished grandfather of Melanie, Peri (Scott) Babendir, Robert and Ari. Find uncle and cousin and a friend to many. Born in St. Louis, Missouri to Molly and Ben Axelrod. Les received a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Washington University and a second bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri. He also earned a master's degree in electrical engineering and engineering from Northwestern University. After college,…

McConnell to force Democrats to vote to pay illegal immigrants, by funding schools that refuse to open

Senate Republicans have to force the Democrats to vote on a number of potentially inconvenient topics in the coming days, and take advantage of the rules in the budget reconciliation process that the Democrats are using to advance President Biden coronavirus stimulus plan while getting around a filibuster. The debate on the budget decision, which began on Wednesday, continues in the Senate on Thursday. After the time has expired - Senate minority whip John Thune, RS.D., predicted that it would happen shortly after lunch - a process called a vote-a-rama begins. During that time, every senator has the right to…

Chicago’s snow memories haunted by ice ponds from hell

(Above) 25th Street & 50th Avenue in Cicero just after a blizzard on January 26-27, 1967. Photo by Jeff Geisler.Chicagoans are complaining about "Blizzard of 2021" burying our streets, alleys and courtyards should turn back the clock to their childhood, when the white things were considered a gift from the gods. 21-Feb-21 ?? In the 1950s and early 1960s on Halsted Street in the Old Town, a large January snow was a chance to build a snow-fast crown with a roof of recently discarded Christmas trees. My fort was made of rectangular snow blocks cast from orange wooden boxes. The…

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