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4 signs you are not ready to buy a home

Itching to buy a home? If these things apply to you, you may want to persevere.With mortgage rates When you are at a record low, you may be inclined to start looking at lists and thinking about buying a home. But are you really ready to take that leap? If these things apply to you, you may not be ready yet.1. You are not used to following a budgetBuying a home should be one of the momentous events of your life, as you may need to rethink some of your expenses and reduce some areas. As such, if you are…

Why At Home Group Share Poped Today | The motley fool

What happened Shares of At Home Group (NYSE: HOME) climbed after home decor retailers published strong preliminary results ahead of two upcoming analyst conferences. In response to increasing comparable sales, investors sent the stock up 8.9% from 11:01 AM EST. Image source: Getty Images. So what At Home Group, which calls itself a home furnishing store, said comparable sales increased by 23% to 24% during the most important holiday quarter, compared to the company's guidelines for growth between teens and the middle. It also said liquidity remained strong and cash had increased from $ 34 million to $ 162 million.…

Limecar – The best car rental company in Goa

A vision that brought together the need for reliable transport and love of driving. Limecar is a car rental company that has gained popularity as best car hire in Goa.Driven forward by Shabbir Latif, Limecar's dynamic CEO. It is now the preferred mode of transport in Goa due to its simplicity, efficiency and reliability.What customers are looking for in a car rental company is what Limecar offers. No wonder Limecar is a favorite among travelers who choose Goa as their holiday destination.Goa is a beautiful state with a lot to see and do. With beautiful churches, beaches, forts and much…

Popular 2021 home upgrades – and how to pay for them

Cash-out refinancing is only a good option if you have enough equity to match the project cost and if you get a low interest rate - a real opportunity given today's low mortgage rates, says Ponder, whose company, Real Estate Wealth Planning, is based near Austin.It also takes patience. The refinancing process used to take about a month, says Ponder, but recently it can take two or three months.Room conversionAnother common request Sullivan says she receives from homeowners: Turn a master bathroom into a home pool."Because they can not go to the spa, they create spa retreats in their bathrooms,"…

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