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Coronavirus: New cases, hospital stays continue to decrease in California

California has the lowest weekly average of new COVID-19 cases since December 1 and the first patients in hospitals with the virus since December 11, the latest signs of the decline in a massive wave of cases and deaths began in the winter and during holidays. On Friday, California County reported 14,170 new COVID-19 cases, according to data tracked by this news organization. The state now has a seven-day average of 14,708 daily cases, the lowest it has been since 1 December. At a recent peak on January 10, the state averaged 44,629 new cases. Los Angeles County, the most…

▷ NEW The Supreme Court states that the asbestos case cannot be rejected in summary • Mesowatch

Efforts by a regional port authority and insurers to avoid an asbestos lawsuit recently faltered when a New York State Court of Appeals rejected their proposal to drop the case before going to trial. The Supreme Court of the State of New York - Appellate Division, First Judicial Department - denied a summary decision of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as well as the insurer American Home Assurance Company, according to a February 5. release. The court - the second highest in the state, despite the name - unanimously rejected the proposal, which would have concluded…

Wolverine TV Recruitment Program: Rooks Pledges, Ron Bellamy To Add Big Boost

Wolverine's Clayton Sayfie and EJ Holland break down Rivals250 DL George Rook's commitment, the impact of Ron Bellamy's employment and more. Watch below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Voting company Smartmatic sues Fox News, Giuliani, Powell for $ 2.7 billion for electoral fraud

MIAMI - A voice technology company sues Fox News, three of its hosts and two former lawyers for former President Donald Trump - Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell - for $ 2.7 billion, accusing the defendants of conspiring to spread false allegations that the company helped to "steal" the US presidential election.The 285-page lawsuit filed Thursday in New York State Court by Florida-based Smartmatic USA is one of the largest defamation lawsuits ever filed. January 25 was a rival election technology company - Dominion Voting Systems, which also anchored itself in Trump's baseless efforts to overthrow the election - sued…

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