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Merrick Garland promises to bring charges against the Capitol if they are confirmed as attorney general

Chancellor of Justice nominated Merrick Garland will promise to take the lead in prosecuting those accused of the US Capitol siege and promises the independence of prosecutors from President Biden at his confirmation meeting on Monday.Why it matters: As Attorney General, Judge Garland would oversee politically sensitive cases, including: investigations of the taxes by the President's son Hunter Biden and origins of the probe into former President Trump's dealings with Russia.Running the news: Per his prepared opening speech Released Saturday night, Garland plans to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that if confirmed, he will address civil rights and fight discrimination…

The Supreme Court allows the release of Trump tax returns to NEW prosecutors

The documents will be subject to confidentiality rules for the grand jury that restrict their publication.The verdict is a bitter loss for Trump, even if the tax records are protected from publication, after he consistently claimed that the lawsuit issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was surpassed and issued in bad faith.This means that the grand jury investigation of alleged money laundering and other issues will no longer be hindered by Trump's struggle to keep the documents secret. The verdict was announced without comment or disagreement.Last July, the Supreme Court, which voted 7-2, rejected Trump's broad claims of immunity…

What a Texas Plumber’s Now Facing: A state full of explosives

HOUSTON - Randy Calazans is one of the hottest ingredients in Texas right now. He's a plumber.The winter nightmare that swept through the state last week cut off power and heat to millions of homes that were never designed for cold temperatures. Up and down the state, people were driven from their homes or returned to find them severely damaged by pipes and valves and tanks that froze and exploded.So when the snow began to thaw and the sun made a coveted return, plumbers were suddenly like roofers after a hurricane: Everyone seemed to need one at a time.At One…

Man in Michigan killed after cannon exploded at baby shower

A Michigan The man was killed Saturday night after being struck by shrapnel from an exploding cannon at a baby shower in the state, police said, according to reports. A homeowner in Genesee County fired the small cannon type in the backyard around noon. 7.30pm to celebrate the baby's awaiting arrival, Michigan State Police said in a press release. The cannon exploded during the firing and scattered metal scraps that hit the victim, Evan Thomas Silva, 26, three parked cars and the garage where the baby shower was held, police say, according to ICE FISHERS SAVED FROM ICE FLOWS…

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