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How to watch Buccaneers vs. Chiefs: Time, live stream, odds, TV channel, important matchups for Super Bowl LV

The wait may have felt endless, but we are almost there: Super Bowl LV is only a day away! With more stories than we can count and all kinds of items on the line, hopefully we can all agree that the Super Bowl was well worth the wait. We have Tampa Bay Buccaneers takes on the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. We have Tyreek Hill and Mike Evans, Travis Kelce and Chris Godwin, Jason Pierre-Paul and Chris Jones, Shaquil Barrett and Tyrant Mathieu -- and of course, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. Talk about stingy defenses and explosive crimes!We'll break…

Why we have not cracked the mystery of COVID ‘long-haulers’

"Long-haul" COVID, long COVID, post-COVID: it is a disease that still lacks an official name. However, for people whose COVID-19 symptoms persist for several months, the effects can be devastating and debilitating. Their symptoms range from the mundane to the bizarre: brain fog, shortness of breath, fatigue, tremor, tooth loss, racing heart, glaucoma, among others. In this episode of "America, Interrupted", PBS NewsHour correspondent Stephanie Sy talks to three "long haulers" about their experiences fighting this mysterious disease, and Dr. William Li, a vascular biologist who seeks to solve this medical mystery through his research. . PBS NewsHour is supported…

Summer internship applications begin amid pandemics

Daily file photo by Alec CarrollNorthwestern Career Advancement Center. The underclassmen reflected on the challenges of applying for internships during the pandemic.The students are struggling to expand their work experience and will continue to apply for internships in the summer of 2021, even in a pandemic. Internships give students an opportunity to build their skills and gain work experience, but the pandemic has created setbacks for some students in their job search. McCormick sophomore Jesse Ji said that applying for internships feels particularly competitive as a first-time applicant, especially because there are fewer positions due to the pandemic. "Because of…

iMac Pro can no longer be customized, can be configured, ‘as long as delivery remains’

Apple seems to be about to interrupt iMac Pro, med store page for the advanced all-in-one Mac including a "As long as delivery lasts" tagline and only the base model without custom configurations available for purchase. ‌IMac Pro‌ was launched in December 2017, and although some adjustments have been made to the available configurations over the years, it has not received any significant hardware updates during its lifetime. As a result, we have been recommend for a while that users do not purchase ‌iMac Pro‌ as an advanced standard iMac currently offers a better value. There have been some rumors…

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