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GameStop shares stuck below $ 100 as Reddit investors lost billions

GameStops stock price gyrated on Wednesday, climbing back over $ 100, but then fell during the last hour of trading to end the day up just 3% from Tuesday, and well below its recent highs. The shaky stock price also suggests that the popular WallStreetBets Reddit discussion forum that has helped drive the rise may lose its magic to move the market. The GameStop tumble resulted in a large reduction in the short-term interest rate on the share, which measures how many of the company's shares have been borrowed to sell. Many had pointed to the previously high level of…

Marshawn Lynch discusses the Super Bowl experience and the X-factor that can determine Super Bowl LV

Five times Pro Bowl running Marshawn Lynch has been one of the best in his position over the past decade and undoubtedly the highest personality NFL has to offer. "Beast Mode" owns over a dozen Seattle Seahawks franchise registers and is currently number 29 on the early rushing list with 10,413 yards. Lynch, 34, is currently retired, but it's anyone's guessing it will remain that way. He has retired twice, most recently last season to help in the Seahawks' quest for a second Lombardi trophy. They were thrown away from the playoffs by Green Bay Packers in the department round.Lynch…

RNC President Ronna McDaniel says Trump ‘won’t begin a 3rd social gathering’

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Nationwide Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel she says is certain of it former President Trump doesn't begin a splinter social gathering.Pointing to latest Republican battles, McDaniel warned that the GOP should be "united" to reach the 2022 election, because the social gathering hopes to regain a majority within the Home and Senate and retain its lead over Democrats in state councils and state legislatures.TOP TRUMP ADIVISER PRESSES BACK ON THIRD PARTY PLANS"I've talked to the president (Trump). I've talked to others across the president, who discuss to him every single day. He won't begin a 3rd social gathering,"…

How regular device rotations plus support plans keep users productive and prosperous

Forward-looking companies know that they can not save on computers that keep users productive day in and day out. Regular device rotations are common, along with support plans to ensure that devices are covered for temporary, unavoidable problems.This approach has never been more important, because today companies are facing a new wrinkle: These devices are in users' homes and face unusual risks. Units can be left lying around or damaged by pets or nasty children. Surge protectors may be non-existent and leave units exposed to current deviations. Spills are more likely than in an office environment, given pets, children and…

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