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Camp Countdown: Intercepting Tom Brady

Well, this is basically a guessing game, so I do not feel much pressure. I sat here for a while trying to see if there was any logic that could lead me to a high percentage prediction but didn't really come up with anything. So I'll take a wild guess and then try to transform the logic back to the beginning The wild guess is the second year in linebackerDevin White. First of all, yes linebackers listen relatively often in the camp. These are actually some of the most fun to watch, as they often make their choices in one…

Proud boys accused of conspiracy in Capitol Riot

Federal prosecutors investigating the violent Capitol riot this month announced their first conspiracy charges against the proud boys on Friday night and accused two members of the far-right nationalist group of working together to prevent and disrupt the law enforcement officers protecting Congress during the final certification of the presidential election.In a short press release, the Ministry of Justice said that an accusation has been made against two proud boys, Dominic Pezzola, from Rochester, NY and William Pepe, in Beacon, NY. But late on Friday night, the loading documents had not yet appeared in the database of a federal court…

Shakira debuts in new red hair: ‘Surprise!’

Shakira just debuted her new look - and fans love it.Singer "Hips Don't Lie", 44, shocked the world on Friday when she showed off her new fiery red hair on Instagram."Voilà," the singer wrote in the caption, shows off his new do with a great selfie.The singer is seen in the picture and slaps a pose in her bathroom, kisses her lips while she sports her voluminous hair and a "Where's Waldo" -like top.SHAKIRA WOWS IN LITTLE BIKINI HE DESIGNED HIMSELF Shakira replaced her signature blonde hair with a fiery new red color. (Reuters)The singer too shared a delayed video…

New Overwatch 2 design for Reaper, McCree, Pharah and …

[embed][/embed]Saved in:Heroes and villains from Overwatch get a little makeoverMonitoring 2 had a smaller presence on BlizzConline than some of Blizzard Entertainment's other games - in part because the game is still far away - but the Overwatch team did not show up empty-handed. During the show, Blizzard gave a behind-the-scenes look at the sequel Monitoring, including new looks for the game's heroes and villains.Blizzard marked design renovations for four characters: McCree, Pharah, Reaper and Widowmaker. In some cases, the changes are not very drastic. McCree still has his signature cowboy hat and serape, but he, like others Monitoring 2…

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