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Minnesota’s tax credit for angel investors works, should become routine

Gov. Tim Walz has proposed $7 million for the on-and-off Minnesota Angel Tax Credit next fiscal year. It should go back to $10 million with a legislative commitment to fund it for five years. Even at that level, it's a pittance in a two-year budget that will top $50 billion. The Angel Tax Credit gives investors in young, private firms a tax break of 25% on investments of up to $125,000 per person or $250,000 for a married couple. The credits should be financed not by the general fund but a tax linked to capital gains pocketed by institutional investors,…

Report: Failure to investigate credit complaints is an important issue for MA consumers

Faults on credit reports can lower a person's credit score, which can hurt their ability to take out a loan or buy a home. (Engdao / Adobe Stock)March 2, 2021BOSTON - The number of consumer complaints to financial companies, including banks, credit bureaus, debt collectors, increased dramatically in 2020.A new report from the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) Education Fund found that the main problem that consumers in Massachusetts face is the failure of credit companies to investigate existing problems, such as errors in credit reports.Deirdre Cummings, Consumer Program Manager for MASSPIRG, pointed to the Trump administration's weakening of…

How to Save $ 10 on Amazon Using Your Capital One Credit Card – CNN Underscored

(CNN) - If you are one Amazon shopper and you have a Capital One credit card, you may be lucky. Capital One credit cards earn miles or cash back that can be redeemed in many ways. One of these options is to pay for items on Amazon through its The program "Shop with points", even if you're usually better off redeeming your Capital One rewards for travel or money back - that way you get more value for them that way. But if you are targeting this offer, it may be worth using your rewards on your next one Amazon…

Are you going to open a credit card just to get a bonus offer?

Bonus offers can be attractive - but is it a good idea to open a card just to get one?Credit card bonus offers are designed to be really attractive to entice you to open an account. So it is not surprising that you can see an offer, like free cash back or miles, and be tempted by it.But what if you do not really need another credit card or are not really interested in the other features that the card offers? Does it ever make sense to open the card only to get the bonus if you do not plan…

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