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Sarah Thomas will make history at Super Bowl LV: CBS ‘Amy Trask says it’s’ exciting ”, even more progress to be made

(CBS Local) - At the Super Bowl, LV will make history. Yes, history in the form of who wins the Lombardi trophy, but just as important is that the game will make see the first woman to officiate at the Super Bowl in Sarah Thomas. For Thomas, it is only the latest in a series of firsts, after she was previously the first woman to be a full-time servant in the league and the first woman to judge a playoff. Working with an NFL official, as well as officials in all sports, is largely ungrateful. The only times that fans…

Andie MacDowell talks about embracing his gray hair: ‘I’m a silver fox’

Andie MacDowell is proud of its new "silver fox" look."Groundhog Day" actress, 62, recently appeared on "The Drew Barrymore Show "and discussed her new way of dying her hair."Of course I have stopped dyeing my hair, I do not know what will happen in five years, I may dye my hair again, but I like it right now," says MacDowell. "What happened was that I did not dye my hair, and it was like half dyed here, and then you could see my roots.""My daughters kept telling me that I looked like a swimmer - and the idea that I…

Accused Capitol rioters allowed to travel for Mexico “retreat”

A Texas woman charged in connection with last month's siege of US Capitol has asked to travel to Mexico for a "weekend trip" - and the federal judge assigned to the case approved the request, court paper shows.Lawyers for Jenny Louise Cudd asked a U.S. judge on Monday if she could travel to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, from Feb. 18 to Feb. 21 because she "planned and prepaid for a weekend getaway with her employees" before the alleged crimes, court documents show.Cudd's lawyers, who were accused of breaking into a restricted building or land and violent entry or disorderly conduct…

Brutal montage shows liberal media obsession with the Cuomo government: ‘He is everything that Trump is not’

A brutal new mashup from the Media Research Center shows prominence media figures squirts over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., so enthusiastically last year, it is even said that he would repeat Cuomo's advice on coronavirus to their own children.Ordinary and liberal media figures such as CNN's Brian Stelter, MSNBC's Joy Reid and MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace appear in the montages, and the praise has not aged as well as Cuomo's. facing heat from both sides of the aisle over his coronavirus nursing home policies and accusations he covered over the death toll from his own directive."Dealing with difficulties actually…

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