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Author: Shutterstock / Daniel PeterschmidtOn February 1, a major experiment was launched in Oregon: The state has decriminalized small amounts of all drugs, including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. In the November election, voters approved Vote 110 by a 16-point margin. Now, if you are caught...
Higher opioid prescription fill rates among older adults is worrisome because they are more likely to have an adverse event, even death, from taking an opioid medication. — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention WHILE OPIOIDS ARE KNOWN FOR being addictive and deadly, many physicians...

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COVID-19 has more people seeking help for addiction and mental health. But treatment centers are struggling with outbreaks.

Renfrew requires patients to submit a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 14 days before admission. After taking the test, Renfrew expects patients to self-quarantine until they enter the treatment center. Patients who are at higher risk, such as those who live in college or have been to large gatherings, must give two negative results. At the facility, all staff and patients must wear face masks and no visitors are allowed in, says Franci Kraman, a doctor at Renfrew, in a written statement.

2020: The deadliest year in drug history – Addiction Center

2020 has not only been considered the deadliest year in American history but also as a dangerous and deadly year for addiction. America has been fighting the effects of opioid crisis earlier to 2020. While many states lost Americans to drugs like HeroinFentanyl and prescription drugs, states like Virginia, Ohio and Oregon have lost many more. By 2020, the number of drug overdoses has reached a record high with the above-mentioned states. Oregon witnessed a 40% "death nail" with 580 deaths due to illegal chemicals. Drug use like Meth increased by 37% in one year in Oregon, Cocaine deaths rose…

Addiction: How COVID-19 has reversed the development of the opioid epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life, but its grip on the current opioid crisis feels nationwide. Savannah-born Tami Smith has seen the battle up close and undergone her own drug abuse battle more than a decade ago. "When people are at home alone and without their support system, without their sponsors, their mind," says Smith. "Many will come back." Smith says that one goes through a recovery at a time when this further exacerbates the issue. "Personally, I have seen many people relapse during this time," she said. The opioid crisis has been going on for decades…

Figures show a growing number of rehabilitation centers that turn to specialists in the marketing of addiction

In an effort to effectively target people with various forms of drug addiction, some of the best rehabilitation centers turn to drug marketing agencies for results.FORT COLLINS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / 22 February 2021 /Marketing of addiction treatment is now one of the most effective ways for drug rehab centers to target people with drug addiction. Many rehabilitation centers turn to companies such as The Drug Rehab Agency, a company with a proven track record of driving targeted traffic and ensuring conversions for many agencies across the United States. The challenge for many rehabilitation centers is that they do not…

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