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GLOBAL Transnational education (TNE), such as branch campaigns and joint or dual education programs, have largely relied on international partnerships. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has severely hampered international student mobility, hundreds of thousands of international students have been temporarily forced to pursue some type...

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4 dead in US Virgin Islands helicopter crash

Authorities have not said what caused the crash.16 February 2021, 02:19• 2 min readingShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleFour people are dead on the US Virgin Islands Monday after a helicopter crash, according to the Virgin Islands Emergency Management Agency.Call 911 about a helicopter going down the west end of St. The Thomas area in Botany Bay came in around noon. 15:14 local time, according to authorities.The identities of the victims and the cause of the crash have not been announced at this time.The Emergency Management Agency said it had restored the four bodies of the deceased, but it…

Taylor Swift sued Utah Theme Park Evermore over trademark

Forever, a fantasy-themed theme park in Pleasant Grove Utah, is right Taylor Swift for trademark infringement over her latest albums of the same name. According to court documents that Pitchfork is looking at, the cost seeks millions in damages, plus all legal fees, and claims that the release of Swift's record has led to confused guests and negatively affected the park's searchability on Google. The plaintiffs also allege that Swift's release violates the park's merchandise design and album art for their original soundtracks.The lawsuit was filed Feb. 2 in a U.S. district court in Utah. It claims that after message…

Texas officials investigate outrageous energy bills in storm surge

"While I'm trying to get gas and food and make sure my pipes do not explode, the last thing I think about is a $ 7,000 bill from my electricity company," Upshaw told CNN's Fredricka Whitfield via Skype Saturday.Texas Usage Regulator, Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), said Saturday that it is examining "the factors that combine with the devastating winter weather to disrupt the flow to millions of homes in Texas." It also gives customers a way to use an emergency provider if their current provider is not available, but it is likely that this program does not apply…

What this month has meant for Jordan Spieth’s return

[embed][/embed]Finally, a change in plans to include a trip to Florida this week was not necessary Jordan Spieth. He made a lively run when he qualified for this week's world championship in golf. He also came short on his second, more focused goal of winning again on the PGA Tour for the first time in three plus years.But Spieth really had no reason to kick his golf bag and complain to caddy Michael Greller when he left the Riviera Country Club on the Sunday after the Genesis Invitational.His painful run of unbeaten tournaments continues. But Spieth is in a much…

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