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Following a devastating milestone, Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers promise hundreds of millions of doses by July

"It does ... it hurts me when I see things like appealing to people to do things that you know work - the mask wears, the physical separation - and the denial," says Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.It was "actually painful for me" to see hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients, he said, and "in the same regions, there were people who denied that this was going on and said, 'Oh, that's fake news, it's a nap.' . 'I mean, how could you say that when people in your own state, your own…

Migrant numbers are rising along the US-Mexico border as they await Biden’s immigration action

The number of migrants along parts of the US-Mexico border is rising as they wait for what they hope are dramatic liberalizations in border security and immigration policy of President Biden - who has already done so taken significant action to reverse the policies of the Trump era.Border guards from California to Texas told Fox News that they are seeing steady increases in concern, especially among Central American families and unaccompanied minors in their sectors - particularly the Rio Grande Valley and Tucson, Ariz., Sectors.OFFER TO RELEASE NEW IMMIGRATION ORDERS AS PART OF PUSH AT ROLL BACK TRUMP-ERA POLICIESA Texas…

Pennsylvania officer arrested, suspended from work for alleged involvement in Capitol riots

A Pennsylvania police officer was arrested and suspended from his job due to his alleged involvement in last month's riot at the US Capitol.Joseph Fischer, a patrolman at the North Cornwall Township Police Department, was taken into custody by the FBI on Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, entry into a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and obstruction of justice.Fischer reportedly posted a video on Facebook showing him entering the Capitol on January 6 with a crowd of pro-Trump supporters. The riot occurred as Congress prepared to count the votes confirms Joe Biden's victory over then-President Donald…

Million-year-old mammoth DNA writes about the animal’s evolutionary trees

Enlarge / A giant spike thaws from the ground in Siberia. Ancient DNA has revolutionized the way we understand human evolution, revealed how populations moved and interacted and introduced us to relatives like Denisovans, a "ghost line" that we would not realize existed if it were not for the discovery of their DNA. But humans are not the only ones who have left DNA in their bones, and the same analyzes that worked for humans can work for all other groups of species. Today, mammoths take their turn in the spotlight, aided by what appears to be the oldest DNA…

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