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From sergeant to master’s degree, Shawna Hudson finds her place

Long before Shawna Hudson graduated with a doctorate USC Rossier School of Education, she was a little girl who lived near the University Park Campus but felt worlds away. "Growing up as a kid in South Central, USC was there," Hudson said. “This is the school you want to go to. It is the dream school, but it felt out of reach. ” During his childhood, says Hudson, role models for higher education were difficult to obtain. "My father died when I was 18 and I had no family that necessarily went to college, so I did not think that…

The first generation college degree navigates the mountain of student loan debt

Kari Boudreau did everything with the book when it came to her student loans. She still could not stay ahead of her debt.A self-proclaimed follower, Boudreau, was the first in her working-class Northfield, Minn., Family to attend college and graduate from Iowa State University, which led her to build a successful chiropractic business.Getting there, however, meant taking out a loan. What started as $ 139,000 in federal student loans became $ 600,000. This happened due to a combination of loan consolidation, perseverance, her loan being sold from one service to another, interest capitalization - when the loan's unpaid interest is…

Life after college: CSUSM degree shares his experience – The Cougar Chronicle

When we enter the semester in the spring of 2021, many who will soon become academics may panic. For the past 16 years, school has been everything we have known. We have spent countless hours, commuting and working hard to get our degrees, but many of us are unsure of what will come when we have that degree. Cougar Chronicle had the opportunity to interview the newly graduated 2020 Lara Amin to see what life is like for her after attending CSUSM. Amin majored in literature and writing studies and is now attending San Diego State University to earn his…

Missoula College offers a full-time degree online

Missoula College announced on Friday that the department now offers completely online two-year degrees.Missoula College Dean Tom Gallagher provided this information."The main purpose of this would be to help individuals achieve their general education requirements and then go on to a bachelor's degree and any four-year institution," says Dean Gallagher.Gallagher provided information on tuition and fees for a 100 percent online student."So the fees are very similar," he said. “A student if they are completely remote, they have a slightly different fee structure, but the teaching is still the same, but if you analyze the fee structure between being on…

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