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Disabled veterinarian says that someone stole his identity and collected unemployment

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WSAV) - Adam West is a disabled veteran who was recently surprised to receive a tax return in the mail saying he had collected nearly $ 5,000 in unemployment benefits by 2020 and is now taxing that income. His simple answer: he was not. "All I know is that they used my name and social security number, that's all I know," West told News 3. West is worried that he is collecting disability benefits and is also receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs. "I'm just lost because this can affect my disability through social insurance and the VA payments…

Apple can increase another 25% by adding cryptocurrency services to its Wallet app, says RBC

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images) RBC analysts raised their price target for Apple to $ 171 on the street, which means a 25% rally from the end of Friday.The technology giant can unlock a multi-billion dollar company by opening its Wallet app for crypto trading, RBC said.Apple can attract users to the service by buying $ 1 billion in bitcoin itself, the team added.Watch Apple trade live here.Apple equities could jump higher from current levels if the technology giant makes its first step into the cryptocurrency market, RBC Capital Markets said on Monday.Analyst Mitch Steves raised RBC's…

Android spyware trunks linked to state-sponsored Confucius threat group | ZDNet

Two variants of Android spyware affiliated with pro-India, state-sponsored hacking campaigns have been discovered. On Tuesday, the cyber security company Lookout said so two malicious program trunks, called Hornbill and SunBird, has been linked to Confucius, an advanced long-term threat group (APT) believed to be state-sponsored and have pro-India ties. First discovered in 2013, Confucius has been linked to attacks on government units in Southeast Asia, as well as targeted strikes against Pakistani military personnel, Indian election officials and nuclear agencies. According to the cyber security company, APT can reasonably be linked to Hornbill and SunBird, two forms of Android…

AstraZeneca has sold its stake in Moderna for more than $ 1 billion – The Times

TipRanksBillionaire Steven Cohen picks up these 3 "strong buy" stocksLast week, NASDAQ fell below 13,200, bringing the net loss from its very best peak to earlier this month, 6.4%. If this trend continues, the index will slide into the correction range, a loss of 10% from its peak. So what exactly is going on? At the bottom are mixed signals. The COVID-19 pandemic is starting to fade and the economy is starting to resume - strong positive results that should increase markets. But an economic restart puts pressure on inflation: more people working means more consumers with money in their…

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