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It's a three-day weekend, which means it's the first time for a retail flash. Below are some of the best sales you will find today, Presidents Day, in a wide range of categories, courtesy of RetailMeNot. Photo by Getty Images. Sales of clothing and accessories...

(***)Bed in a box queen

(***)Over bed bedroom furniture

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Biden’s golden rule

With help from Allie BiceWelcome to POLITICO's 2021 Transition Playbook, your guide to the first 100 days of the Biden administration.JOE BIDEN want to do KAMALA HARRIS feel included. During Oval Office meetings, signing executive orders and policy numbers, she is almost always nearby - often inside the camera. For staff announcements during the transition, officials were asked to include quotes from both Biden and Harris. And all administration officials refer to the "Biden-Harris administration" instead of the easier-to-say "Biden administration." Current and former Biden officials say that the movements are rooted in Biden's own experience as the second track."The…

Chris Gasper at Belichick vs. Brady / Matthew Stafford Trade / Super Bowl LV Preview (Hour 3)

Livestream will be available after this short ad from our sponsors February 5, 2021Chris Gasper at Belichick vs. Brady / Matthew Stafford Trade / Super Bowl LV Preview (Hour 3) (00:10) Felger and Massarotti were joined by Chris Gasper, WCVB-TV, and they opened the hour and discussed the Belichick-Brady debate.(22:12) The guys also looked back at the Matthew Stafford trade and its impact on the Patriots.(29:17) Gasper also shared his thoughts on Sunday's Super Bowl.

Hydroxychloroquine is not recommended for the treatment of coronavirus: WHO panel

An expert panel that provides advice World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a strong recommendation against use hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19.Guidance published in the British Medical Journal this week is based on results from six trials with over 6,000 participants, and "evidence of high safety" found that the anti-malarial drug "had little or no effect" on deaths and hospitalizations, while "moderate safety" found little effect on laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.US HOLDS PLASMA STUDY TO TREAT Mild COVID-19 QUOTING "INCREDIBLE BENEFIT" The drug is no longer considered a "research priority", the panel said. (iStock) "The panel considers that this drug is no…

Have you searched for yourself online recently? Your digital footprint can jeopardize your identity

Yahoo Life is committed to finding the best products at the best prices. Some of the products described here are offered in conjunction with Verizon Media, the owner of Yahoo Life. We can get some from purchases made via links on this page.Identity theftIt is one of the taboos of our time, but many of us are guilty of it. Actually, 41 percent of Americans are brave enough to admit that they include their own names in search engines Often. But have you ever wondered who studies your footprint online? Here's a clue: it's not just old flames and curious…

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(***)Nectar mattress return

(***)Foam mattress in a box

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