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COVID-19 in Massachusetts: 53 new deaths, 2186 new cases

BOSTON (WWLP) - State public health officials reported 53 recently confirmed deaths and 2,186 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts. Total number of COVID-19 cases by age group: 0-19 years: 981720-29 years: 8,50430-39 years: 7,00140-49 years: 6,36250-59 years: 689760-69 years: 475470-79 years: 247480+ years: 1823Testing: According to the Department of Public Health, 91,639 new tests were performed with a total of 13,874,158 molecular tests. Of these, 4,625,449 tests were the first time and 9,248,709 repeated tests. Antigen test: A total of 3,571 new individuals tested positive with 484,563 total reported tests. The current turning time for a molecular test is…

Rob Gronkowski admits the Super Bowl against the Bills would have been “nuts”

Gronkowski finished the regular season with 45 catches for 623 yards and seven touchdowns - numbers that at first glance do not compete with his highest Patriots year. However, Gronkowski has taken more to the Bucs than just what is shown in the boxes."There's a lot of talk about what Tom has done for this locker room - and everything's justified - but what Gronk has done for this locker room is just as amazing. Just a good teammate and love life," said Bucs general manager Jason Licht."You know what kind of football player he is by watching him on…

Water can make the great lakes a climate escape. Are we ready? | Bridge Michigan

Jesse Keenan, an associate professor of real estate at Tulane University's School of Architecture, told the New York Times in a widely read article in 2019 that Duluth, Minnesota, could experience a real estate boom from climate migrants moving north. But the Rhodium Group also identified the Ohio River basin, New England and the mid-Atlantic as equally attractive. Will climate change really reverse decades of slow or negative population growth in Michigan and the Upper Midwest? Every year since 2000, the annual United Van Lines National Migration Study identified Michigan and its neighbors as the best region for emigration to…

Gronk’s impact on Buccaneer’s locker room equals Brady’s, says GM

Former New England Patriots star Tom Brady is highly praised for leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in his first season with the team. Brady will make his NFL record 10th Super Bowl appearance on Feb. 7 at Tampa Bay's home stadium. . The legendary quarterback has won six titles and four Super Bowl Most Valuable Player awards, which are also record-breaking. The winning quarterback in NFL history gets a lot of credit for leading the Buccaneers to an 11-5 regular season record, three straight playoff road wins and just their second Super Bowl appearance in history.…

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