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Winter weather is leading to 40 cars in Iowa, people stranded by ice floes in Wisconsin

4 February 2021 21:48 CNN Posted: 4 February 2021 21:48 Iowa Transportation Department / AP On Thursday, the roads in Iowa devastated, leaving dozens of people stranded by ice floes in Wisconsin, with a powerful winter storm shows no signs of abating in the Midwest. Whiteout conditions along Interstate 80 west of Newton, Iowa, led to a 40-pileup there, state patrols said Thursday afternoon. Troopers, who were not injured, "drove vehicle to vehicle to check passengers," the state patrol said on its Facebook page. There were "few serious injuries and several minor injuries," the post said. Pictures published by the…

“grateful” to fans after the album “Control” again

Janet Jackson shared a video on Twitter On Saturday, she says she is "grateful" to God and fans after her album "Control" reached the top 1 35 years later after the release."I was home just the other day myself and I started crying. I cried because I was so grateful for all that God has blessed me with, all that he has given me," she said. On February 4, the pop artist's "Control" album turned 35 years old. The album was Jackson's third studio album and featured five songs that created charts such as "What Have You Done for Me…

Fauci: ‘Non-functioning’ to vaccinate teachers before schools open

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and president Joe Biden's chief adviser, agreed on Wednesday that teachers should be "absolutely" a priority among key workers in vaccination work. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines say that getting teachers vaccinated offers "extra protection" but that vaccinations for teachers do not have to be required to resume personal learning. Instead, the CDC's guidelines for schools have emphasized social distancing and masking. "You should try to get as many teachers as you can vaccinate as soon as you can," Fauci said. "But to make it a necessary…

Big Trump donors converge when Newsom is recalled

Some of the biggest donors to the recall effort also bank-reduced Trump's 2020 campaign. They include Beverly Hills real estate developer Geoff Palmer, who has raised $ 150,000 for the anti-Newsom campaign, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Douglas Leone, who along with his wife Patricia Perkins-Leone have donated nearly $ 100,000. Retired CEO Howard Groff and his wife Susan Groff have donated $ 75,000. And while most of the donors so far come from within California, Trump collectors report that they see great interest from large donors near and far. "Donors both in California and across the country are beginning…

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