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A Louisiana cemetery told a black family member that he could not be buried there because it was only for white people.

Her husband Darrell Semien, sheriff's deputy for Allen Parish, Louisiana, dog On January 24, after being diagnosed with cancer in December, CNN affiliated KPLC reported.Semien went to Oaklin Springs Cemetery in Oberlin earlier this week to ask about putting her husband to rest there. But a woman in the cemetery rejected her because her husband was African American."I met the lady out there and she said she could NOT sell a plot to me because the cemetery is ENA VITES cemetery," Semien wrote on Facebook. "She even had paperwork on a clipboard that showed me that only white human beings…

European Space Agency: Astronaut recruitment driver for increased diversity

The European Space Agency says it wants to recruit people with disabilities as part of its call for new astronauts.Esa will accept applications in March to fill four to six vacancies astro corps but it wants this draft to be as inclusive as possible.The search for a potential pilot with additional functional needs will be run in parallel with the main call.The agency has asked International Paralympic Committee to advise on the choice."To be completely clear, we do not want to hire a space tourist who happens to have a disability," said Dr. David Parker, head of Esa's robotics and…

“President” Jon Stewart mocks Trump’s resignation from Screen Actor’s Guild

Jon Stewart have conjured before President Trump for his resignation application to The Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) which came after the union threatened to expel its membership.Fox News exclusively received the letter, which was sent to SAG President Gabrielle Carteris on Thursday, in which the former president threw the union, the media and news organizations. SAG-AFTRA replied in just two words: "Thank you."Over on Twitter, former "Daily Show" host Stewart tried to strike the same tone as Trump in a scornful farewell letter."I also abstain from SAG-AFTRA !!! You have let me…

There will be enough Covid vaccine for the entire US adult population in June, doctors say

Johnson & Johnson Board member Dr. Mark McClellan told CNBC on Friday that there may be enough vaccinations for the entire U.S. adult population by the summer. "Provided that all the careful reviews of the J&J data all come out, we will have the capacity between Modern, Pfizer, J&J, to have enough vaccines available in June for the entire U.S. adult population, "said McClellan, a former FDA commissioner, at "The news with Shepard Smith. " The United States plans to buy 200 million doses of Covid vaccine from Modern and Pfizer. The Department of Health and Human Services will increase…

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