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Aging issues: online, phone Medicare workshop

Introduction to Medicarewebinar scheduledCompass Financial Services will offer its free "Intro to Medicare" live webinar at 10.30 Thursday.Topics included in the 75-minute online course are Medicare benefits A and B and enrollment rules, Medicare Advantage Plans vs. Medicare Supplement Plans, how part D and "donut hole" work and more. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions. The webinar is recommended for those who turn 65 in the coming months.The webinar is for educational purposes only and no requests will be made. Space is limited and registration is required.For more information or to register, call 336-768-5111.Online 'Medicare 101'seminars plannedMcCall Insurance Services…

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Which phone is best?

The Galaxy S21 Plus does a lot of things right, from a big, beautiful display to excellent performance. However, so does its direct competitor, the iPhone 12 Pro. Which one ends up being better for you depends on what you want from a phone, and whether Android or iOS is more your style. The truth is, both phones are incredible devices. They cost $999 and are drastically different in size. The Galaxy S21 Plus is a big phone, while the iPhone 12 Pro is more compact. And although the larger, more robust Galaxy S21 Ultra exists, it competes with the iPhone…

Avoid BIG fines! These are the documents you can view on your phone if you are pulled over

The last thing I want for you is a ridiculous and hefty fine, so learn from my misfortune.Today I was driving on Route 66 in Ocean Township when the red and blue lights started flashing backwards.I shrugged and went into the glove compartment to get my registration and insurance card. My insurance was there, but my registration was not. It was at that moment that it dawned on me that I brought my registration card into the house to get some information from it and I completely forgot to take it out back to the car.But I had a picture…

Black Friday phone deals 2021: what to expect in this year’s sales

2021's Black Friday phone deals may be many moons away right now but one thing's for certain - they'll still be a great opportunity to bag a flagship device for less. We like to think ahead here at TechRadar so we're already getting all set with our wishes and predictions for the big day itself in November.If you're checking in this month - welcome. Here you'll find all the latest info on the upcoming Black Friday phone deals, what to expect, our top tips, as well as all of last year's best deals - which we've kept for comparison's sake…

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