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FBI agents’ murder in Florida draws Biden’s grief: “A hell of a price to pay”

Good morning and welcome to Fox News first. Here's what you need to know when starting your day ...FBI agents' murder in Florida draws Biden's grief: "A hell of a price to pay"Following the first major law enforcement tragedy during his presidency, Joe Biden expressed sympathy with the families of two FBI agents who were killed on Tuesday as he tried to place an order in connection with child pornography and violence against child investigation in Florida."They put their lives on the line and it's a hell of a price to pay," said Biden of the Oval Office. "And every…

Cam Newton thought too much in the field after the midseason …

[embed][/embed] Around the NFL Cam Newton "thought too much" in the field after the mid-season COVID-19 Published: February 22, 2021 at 08:28 Kevin Patra Around the NFL Writer Cam Newton was the first major NFL player to test positive for COVID-19 during the 2020 season, forcing the New England Patriots quarterback to miss a game. The former NFL MVP said the virus shortened its season. Speaking of the "I Am Athlete" podcast with Brandon Marshall, Newton said when he returned after the positive test, he struggled to continue where he left off. "I was one of the first footballers to…

Marcos Rojo’s Manchester United departure finally close with Boca Juniors agreement close

Marcos Rojo from Manchester United arrives before UEFA Champions League Quarter Final first match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona at Old Trafford - Getty ImagesMarcos Rojo's six and a half years at Manchester United are almost over with Argentina's defenders about to complete a permanent move to Boca Juniors.Rojo has been a peripheral figure at Old Trafford since United made the controversial decision to leave the defender a new three-year contract in March 2018.The 30-year-old has made just five Premier League starts for United since then and spent the second half of last season on loan at Estudiantes in…

Amy Klobuchar shuts down Ron Johnson’s conspiracy fight in the Capitol attack

On Tuesday, the former leaders of the Capitol police and other authorities tasked with protecting the Capitol building testified about the January 6 attack and told conflicting stories about what happened that day. One thing that clearly did not happen was what Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) Shared during his chance to question the law enforcement leaders: An account of the day published in the Conservative publication Federalistand claimed that those who broke into the Capitol were apparently professional provocateurs and not the "working class" people who were seen protesting outside early in the day.Ron Johnson uses his question time during…

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